Chapter 8:

VIII | Some Protection

Something's Not Right

After my conversation with Gavin,
I retreat

to the greenhouse


to think about my situation.

the nurses
follow me

like shadows.

Annoyance tingles

all the way down
to my toes.

Even Tammie
tags along

with the smell of her vomit.

I tell her to get lost for a bit
but she doesn't seem

to get the hint.

She just gives me

another apologetic smile

and follows me
into the greenhouse.

'the fortuneteller'

isn't here today

so I take time
to admire

her chessboard flowers.

They're beautiful.

If you shake your head vigorously
while looking at it,

the flowers turn grey.

I find this funny.

So I do it a few times

until I'm dizzy.

Then I stumble
and land on my bottom

on the cold stone,


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