Chapter 12:

XII | Someone Watching

Something's Not Right

Where did the nurses go?

I walk to the bench
by the rowan trees

where they once
watched over my shoulder.

but I'm


the only one here.

I go back
to my room

but the door is locked.
They're all locked

and I'm really alone.

I search the whole asylum

but there's only
patients around.

'Where do the nurses come from?'
I ask Gavin

when I eat lunch.

He jumps at my voice,
almost choking

on his drink.


His eyes dart around,
looking for the nurses.

When he doesn't see them,

he leans close.
'They're always watching.'

I regret

asking him.

'Some of your screws
'are loose,' I tell him.

He just stares at me

like I'm not
making sense.

I go to the study room
and eat my hamburger


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