Chapter 13:

XIII | Some Rules

Something's Not Right

I run towards her,

stopping short
of actual contact
because of

the stench.

It feels

but it is a bad smell after all.

We stare at each other
in absolute silence.

Then Tammie

Aren't you curious
about what happened to me?

I don't know how to reply.

No, not really.

I wanted some space to think?

You were annoying so
I was glad you were gone?

I am too tired to care?

The week
passed by
in a blur

without my knowing it.

She gives me
that apologetic smile again
as though my silence

is her fault.

It is, actually.

Now that she's
out and about,

ready to follow me like a parasite again,

I'm not going to
make much progress

figuring out

what kind of hell
this is.

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