Chapter 23:

XXIII | Some Things Forgotten

Something's Not Right


That's right...

I have
a family.

In my recollection
of the happiness sandwich,
my mother was there.

That means

there's a father too.

(I can't remember
his face.)


Why do I

want to cry?

A hazy picture
comes to mind.

We're at a HDB playground,

I'm calling for Mummy
at the top of my lungs.

Beside me,
at the top
of the largest slide,

someone smaller than me

is stamping his feet,
repeating my call.

Hands filled with grocery bags,
she's distracted

talking to Papa.

We call louder,

my brother and I.

they turn to watch us

slide down together
at the same time

Then we're running,

towards them,
into them.

Did you see? Did you see?
We sing,
dancing and jumping,

like we've climbed

Mount Everest.

They were warm,
those eyes

that look like mine.

Four, I say.
There are four of us.

The doctor
stares at me

like a CCTV.

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