Chapter 24:

XXIV | Some Singing

Something's Not Right

Nothing's gone wrong,

Tammie sang.
Tammie continues to sing.

Days pass,
a looping playlist


Moonlight Sonata
and this blood song Tammie invented.

Nothing's gone wrong,
Nothing's gone wrong,
Nothing's gone wrong.

Every moment we're together,
she just keeps singing that song.

I ignore her,
trying to shut out

her foul, rancid singing.

the LED lamp
on the blank ceiling.

I'd tell her to stop

but I'm
too tired

just from walking downstairs

at medicine time.

The song,
sung that first time,
brought comfort.

sung over a million times,
it makes me scared.

They remind
me now

of the voices

some time ago,

I haven't taken any medicine.

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