Chapter 27:

XXVII | Someone Dance

Something's Not Right

I find Tammie later, easily.

Not in the study
where we used to play hangman.

I waited there a long time.

Got hungry,
went to the kitchen

for food.

She's there,
along the length of the dining table—

beside Raymond,
Li Wen (his crazy girlfriend)

stealing his french fries—

empty bowl
in front of her.

Our eyes meet
but she doesn't smile at me,
like I'm part one of the chairs.

Yet she waits
while I eat

even though the bowl in front of her
is already


When I've swallowed
the last strand of bee hoon,

she stands up

together with me.

Her grey eyes
meet mine again.

It is her eyes

that smile at you—

I realise this now.

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