Chapter 28:

XXVIII | Some Are Sick

Something's Not Right

Time's as stunned

as I am.

In the choked silence
that follows,

I realise I'm supposed to say something

but I don't know what to say.

Something comforting?
Something remorseful?
Caring about someone else...

Have I done that


Tammie shatters the awkward pause
with a shrug of her shoulders.

It was long ago—
you didn't notice.

'I was there?'


'While it happened?'

Tammie's apologetic smile
feels annoying
all of a sudden.

You didn't notice anything.

How could you?
You were already sick then.

Her grey eyes
are accusing me.

You don't even remember me now.
Or any of our memories.

'Do you hate me?'

I whisper.

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