Chapter 30:

XXX | Someone Who Cared

Something's Not Right

The darkness

is like oil
on the surface

of water.

Trying to break through
the skin

of the liquid

just makes it
stick to my skin
like shrinking PVC wrap.

When I open my mouth

to speak,
thick oil

moulds to the shape
of my mouth

and trickles down my throat.

I cough and cough,
the darkness


I'm full of it.

The rancid stench of rotting meat
fills my olfactory senses

and I see

through the darkness
dripping through my lashes

an apologetic


A cold thin hand
presses hard

on my forehead.

No! I'll fall! I'll drown! Stop!

Fifi, you're so dramatic.

Wake up already.

I blink

but the darkness

doesn't go away.
The curtainless window

remains dark.


It's still night.

'Tammie,' I whisper.

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