Chapter 29:

XXIX | Some Excuses

Something's Not Right

Tammie stares at my baffled face
once more

and digs her fingers
into my shoulder.

You forgot. Even though
he died

because of you.

I think,
but really

nothing comes to mind.

I only remember
the silhouette of that person.
The same way

I recognised 'Tammie'.

I swing my towel at her.
Again and again.

'Shut up!'

Panic rises
once more
in my chest.

Again and again.

I slam the door

of the cubicle

and turn on the shower

as high as it goes.

Water gushes out
like in a thunderstorm.

I shiver beneath the droplets

stinging my skin.

my own shadow
over me,

I dig my fingers into my hair

as the nurse begins
banging on the door.

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