Chapter 68:

Chapter 68 [Catty wish]


The station wagon body jerk as it hit a bump on the road, I accidentally hit my head on the window, and I let out a grunt as my eyes went to Cindy. Cindy is wearing a black winter coat with a furry collar and aviator sunglasses while driving the station wagon.

"Can you drive more carefully?" I ask.

"Don't blame me, the road here is shit," Cindy complained.

I turned my head to the backseat, to see Catty with an excited face as she wore a beige turtleneck sweater that covers up her neck and blue jeans. Kusagi cloth actually fit Catty, I can't believe it at first, but here we are.

When my eyes wander to Kusagi, her mouth opens, and a little bit of drool coming out as she asleep while leaning on the door. Her drool falls on her jeans straps coverall with red hoodie inside. I turn to face the car dashboard again and place my feet on top of it.

When I look outside I could see the big ass welcome sign for the winter festival, Cindy park the station wagon beside a sidewalk that leads to the pier. I brought my leg down later I open the glove component to reveal the revolver and green flat top cap inside of it. I grab the revolver and sheath it in my belt holster inside of my leather jacket.

"Do we really need that?" Cindy ask.

"Just in case, prevention is better than reaction," I said.

"Catty, can you wake up Kusagi?" Cindy ask.

I look at the rear-view mirror and notice Catty nodding her head. She then places her hand on Kusagi shoulder and shakes her. Kusagi let out a groan before opening her eyes.

"We're here," I called out.

Kusagi wipes her eyes a little bit and lets out a yawn before fully realizing the people walking beside the car toward the pier.

Catty is the first one to open the door and get out of the car. She quickly ran to the railing on the other side of the sidewalk and gawk at the vast open sea. I zip up my leather jacket to hide the revolver and grab the flat top cap.

I open the car door and get out of the station wagon while wearing the flat top cap. I walk to the Catty side and notice the afternoon light reflected from the distorted wave of the ocean's water.

"You have never seen an ocean before?" I ask.

Catty move her hands and grab mine. I turn my head to look at her then I turn back to the oceans.

'I only see them in books, the people with lab coats wouldn't let me leave the lab.'

"That sucks," I said.

"Is it what you expected?" I ask.

'Better, the smell, the salty taste on my tongue, the wind brushing my face, the sound of the wave hitting the seawall, and the reflected light. I love it'

"If you love it, you have to wait when it's summer, it's even beautiful than this," I said.

I look at Catty, I could see her smile as she gazes toward the sea.

"Guys, if you are done gawking, we have a festival to go to." Cindy chimed.

"Come let's go," I said.

Catty nod her head and we all start walking while Catty holding my hand. As I was walking my other hand suddenly grab by Kusagi with a pouted face.

"What wrong, kusagi?" I ask.

"Your... My brother too..." Kusagi said.

I could hear Cindy let out a chuckle after she heard what Kusagi said. I let go of Kusagi hand and rub her head gently then continue holding her hand.

"I think kusagi have a competition," Cindy jested.

"Hey, Haru! Do I have to call the police on you, since you on the line of becoming a lolicon." Cindy jokes.

"I'm not a lolicon," I said while rolling my eyes.

While, we about to reach the gate onto the pier, I was astounded by the number of people that come to the festival. It was not that pack that it causes the walking speed to slow down to a crawl, but it was enough to make the pier felt festive.

There are even quite a few numbers of news reporters covering the festival.

"Because of the sudden change of the weather from snowy to a clear sky, it has caused an incredible turnout for the winter festival. Many people are here to celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of spring. If you are free out there and have no plan for the holidays. I implore you to come here and spend time with a family or alone on the games and rides. That the festival offers," The news reporter said while looking at the camera.

I instinctively lowered my head a little to hide my face so I don't get captured in their shots. Kusagi and Catty look at me with a confused look as I lower my chin to hide my face.

"Sorry, habit," I said as we pass through the gates.

Kusagi and Catty ignore me, the both of them look in front of them toward the colorful decoration, fun rides, and games. The eyes filled with sparkly amazement as they mouth gape opens slightly. The first game we about to pass, they both quickly pull me toward it, and I could hear Cindy giggling behind me.

The stop pulling me and lean on the game counter. I examine the game; it's a classic dart throwing game. The rule is simple, you need to throw the darts at the balloon. The more balloon you pop, the more tickets you win.

"5 bucks each for the game sir," the man behind the counter said.

I take out 10 bucks from my back pocket and place it on the counter, "This two kids will be playing" I said.

Kusagi and Catty both beam at me with pure happiness as they heard those word that came out from my mouth. The man places 5 darts each for Catty and Kusagi then he stands back.

Catty start first, throwing her dart, but only one hit the mark and her lips frown as she disappointed by her performance. Kusagi on other hand manages to hit three targets and win a few tickets. Kusagi jump in happiness then stops as she smells the delicious food cooking causing her stomach to growl.

"Come on let get some food," Cindy said to Kusagi.

Kusagi nod and follow Cindy, as I was about to follow them Catty pull my hand stopping me. I turn to look at Catty and she looks at me with an apologetic expression. Maybe, because she didn't win any tickets.

"It's okay... it just a game," I said.

She touches my hand, 'But I waste your resource for me and I didn't win anything for you'

"It's just game... Don't matter if you win or lose. What matter is that you have fun. Did you have fun?" I ask.

Catty nod her head answering my question.


"It's okay. If you care so much that we win, watch me," I said blinking my left eyes to Catty and walk back to the counter.

"10 darts please" I take out another 10 buck and place it on the counter.

The man behind the counter takes my money and place 10 darts on the counter for me to use. I take all the darts and place it all between my fingers. I take a few steps back and the people around me start to step away from me.

They stare at me because of the way I stand like a cowboy ready to draw my gun. I pull back my hands, my eyes start to focus on the top row of the balloon and the second row of the balloon.

I whip my hand as I throw the dart, it all land directly on the target on the first row then I whip my other hand landing the dart on the second row. All the dart hit their mark perfectly and everyone starts to applaud.

"Congratulation sir!!" The man behind the counter cheer as he rings the bell.

I bow slightly and walk to the counter to grab all the tickets I win then I gave it to Catty.

"Here," I said as I let out a grin.

Catty look at with admiration at the feats I just did, I pat the top of her head gently and extend my hand to her. She grabs my hand, while the other hand grabs all the tickets with a large smile on her face. We both jog faster to catch up with Cindy and Kusagi.

After a short jog, Catty and I arrive at one of the food stand selling takoyaki. I spot Kusagi stuffing her mouth with Takoyaki while Cindy is eating an ice cream cone beside her. Cindy handed me a plate of Takoyaki and I pass it to Catty after taking one of that Tako into my mouth.

I chew and chew but I still can't taste anything.

Catty moans in pleasure as she stuffs one in her mouth, then she kept on eating just like Kusagi. After we done eating, I and Kusagi paired up to enter the Haunted house while Catty paired up with Cindy.

We enter the haunted house, I was surprised to notice that Kusagi is afraid of the supernatural. She muzzles her face on my waist, hiding her face from the scary, and spooky stuff that we encounter.

While we were walking through the dark corridor.

"I see you and Catty are close friends now," I ask.

"Catty is awesome, she shows me stuff from her mind, and she is so beautiful with her silver hair," Kusagi compliment then hide her face again.

"I'm glad that you making a new friend," I said.

"I used... to have friends, but I left them behind to find you," Kusagi said.

"Your friend back at the container?" I ask.

Kusagi nods her heads.

"Do you miss them?" I ask.

"I do, but I'm happy here with you," Kusagi said.

"BOO!" a man with vampire makeup scream.

Kusagi scream and run away without me, I let out a laugh as I look at Kusagi running with her hands up in the air. I chase after her and exit the haunted house, afterward I heard Catty and Cindy scream behind me. We all meet up at the haunted house exit.

We play and eat until days become nights.

Catty stare at the prize on the shelves of the ticket exchange booth. One of the prizes catches the attention of Catty, the stuffed small black bunny on the middle of the shelves.

I squat down to Catty level.

"Do you want that stuffed animal?" I ask.

"Can I?" Catty ask.

"If you have enough tickets," I said.

Catty counts the tickets in her hands and she nods vigorously after counting them.

"Let get you one," I said, then we both went to the booth and exchange the ticket with the stuffed bunny.

Catty hug the bunny in her arms tightly and swinging around in joy. When I look at Kusagi, I notice that she exchange her tickets for a plastic Tanto blade. She swings the plastic Tanto around in a swift motion, it seems that she been practicing her swordsmanship.

After all the ticket has been exchanged for a prize, we all went to the Ferris wheel. I and Catty ride first one while Kusagi and Cindy ride the second box. The Ferris wheel turns and lifts us up in the air.

Catty lean on me as she seats right beside me, I look down on her and see the pure innocence smile as she stares at the twinkling lights of the city. She places her hand on my hand and I could hear her voice.

'Haru, can you grant me a wish?'

"If only it within my capabilities," I said.

'Don't worry, I know you can do this'

Catty show me an image in my mind of what she wants, I was shocked to see it and quickly glance at Catty.

"I can't do that! " I said.

'You can, you the only one that can do it'

"Are you crazy, I won't!" I said.

'You will... It's just a matter of time'

"I won't do it!" I said.

Catty look up at me, a sad smile form with her lips, a tear seeping through her fringe, and flow down her cheeks. She closes her eyelids and leans her head on my arms. After a short while, she fell asleep soundly while leaning on my arm.

I lower down my head as I contemplate on what just Catty wish from me.

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