Chapter 65:

LXV | Something Between Us

Something's Not Right

You think
I'm a hallucination.

I don't.

Then why won't you
open your eyes.

I can't.

You haven't changed at all,

I haven't?

Even when we were best friends,
you were always cursing me.

I'm sorry.

I open my eyes
and I'm still

sitting in my armchair.

Tammie's seat is empty.

The pretty nurse
is holding my hand.

Moonlight Sonata plays in the background.

It's still
medicine time.

Nina's chair

is also empty.

The one who emerges
from the medicine room

is Li Wen—

escorted by the angmoh nurse.

My throat is raw.

I open my mouth
to ask for water.

A hoarse groan

comes out instead.

The pretty nurse

lets go of my hand.

The nurses

and I realise

Moonlight Sonata

has stopped

Have I taken my medicine?

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