Chapter 66:

LXVI | Some Consolation

Something's Not Right

The plain nurse comes to fetch me
during medicine time.

I keep my head

the whole time

so it's only afterwards that I notice

is alone.

The armchairs

are no longer in a straight line
but defiantly

disordered again,

like they were

Oman looks like a new patient
sitting alone,

knees up to his chest,
head buried between,

hands locking everything in.

Trying to look like
a cushion

on the armchair.

A male nurse
stands beside him

in place of Nina.

An uncomfortable contrast—

he must have been forced
to come out
just like me.

I also pull my knees

up to my chest.

But I balance my chin
on my knees,

thinking about Nina.

Maybe Oman's not dragged out

for medicine time,

she's in a coma because of him.

You never know,

People aren't always

what they seem.

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