Chapter 80:

LXXX | Some Accusations

Something's Not Right

'It's medicine time,'
I yell over the dissonant music.

Moonlight Sonata
is barely audible

in front of the studio.


where Tammie
dances amidst

a circle of CD players,

it's probably even worse.

I shake my head
and yell again

when she smiles apologetically.

We're just sitting down

—in my chair,
she, on the arm of it—

when I notice

yet another new face.

Two male nurses stand
like bodyguards

on either side

of the armchair.

The guy in it is slouched forward,

long arms dangling
on either side.


His face deathly pale.

When he turns
to look around,

the whites of his eyes

are streaked red.

(I think of zombies.)

I count
the patients.

You killed Gavin?

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