Chapter 81:

LXXXI | Something From The Past

Something's Not Right

has secrets, Fifi.

You're not

the only one.

is sick in some way.

You're not

the only one.

We were bathed in sunlight.

It shone down
like a spotlight

and reflected off
colourful concrete bricks

in a decorative pattern.

I sat.


Tammie, her scruffy hair
shorter than it is now,

rested her head in my lap—

like I am
in hers now.

She squinted her eyes

the sun

but they didn't close all the way.

'I want to look at you,'
she said.

I told her
there was nothing to see.

'I'm studying.
'you should too.'

She giggled.

She smiled.

That apologetic smile.

I told her
her school uniform

would get dirty

if she lay down
like that.

Her irises were dark,
her lashes long.

Even washed out by the sun,

I thought she was beautiful.

I never thought
of people

as attractive or ugly

before I knew her.

was part of the conspiracy.

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