Chapter 95:

XCV | Something’s Not Right

Something's Not Right

When I open my eyes again,
I'm surrounded

by my portraits of Tammie.

The LED light
above my bed

is a familiar one.

The smell of Tammie
engulfs me entirely.

Why does hell
look like

my bedroom at the asylum?

Tammie giggles.

You idiot.

She rubs her hair
against my shoulder,

from my bed,


I'm alive.

Tammie smiles, apologetic.

I don't know
how to feel about this.

I watch her
spin around the room,

to music

I can't hear.

Does she wish
I was dead?

I can't tell

from her face.

I don't want
to ask.

Sitting upright,
I realise

all the casts and bandages

are gone.

My limbs have
dark red scars and
black bruises

but nothing hurts.

They didn't kill me.

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