Chapter 96:

XCVI | Some Will Remember

Something's Not Right

We're led,

one by one,

to the medicine room
like it's medicine time.

But Moonlight Sonata

isn't playing
in the background.

I find out why

when it's my turn.

The masked nurse
hands me

a paper cup

and only one pill.

The pill for forgetting.

I'm taken by surprise.

I don't have a choice
but to take the tablet.

There's a nurse

standing near by
with a syringe.

I'll forget all their names again.

Even though
I've just remembered.

Even though
I'm starting to figure out.

To understand
what's reality.

I put the pill down.

'I want to see the doctor.'

The two masked nurses
on the opposite side of the table

look at each other.

They don't talk.
Not out loud anyway.

'It's been a month.'

They ignore me.

'I have to ask this
'before you make me forget.'

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