Chapter 101:

CI | Somehow

Something's Not Right

I get up too,
propping myself

on my arms—

staring deep into her grey eyes.

Tammie has already

She doesn't remember

the deaths,
the faces,
the names.

I'm going to forget,

aren't I?

She gives me
an apologetic smile.

It's been a while
since I did any painting—

so much has happened

even though
no time has passed
at all.

The weight of
my memories

get lighter

with every minute

that passes by.

I can't let it fade.

Before the sun sets

I'm going
to remember

all of them.

I set up the easel by the window,

as many canvases

as I can carry.

There's no time,

I'll make do
with just a few

I dip my brush into the black paint,
recite the names

and spell them out

on the canvas.

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