Chapter 102:

CII | Some Delusion

Something's Not Right

The smell of vomit
engulfs me.

I breathe it in,

and whimper into her bony chest.

What if I forget you?
I whisper

when the panic
in my chest dissipates.

run down

my back

when Tammie's fingers
brush across my throat.

I give in to the

comforting sensation.

A shudder
of pleasure.

She smiles at me.

Her apologetic smile.

You always forget.

I open my mouth
to argue

but I can't.

I forgot her, didn't I?

When I first arrived.

She breathes onto me again,
her foul rotting breath

making her

the centre of my universe.

But I'll always come back.
I'll make you remember.

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