Chapter 104:

CIV | Someone Different

Something's Not Right

The night lasts forever.

It's endless.
It's neverending.
It's not passing

fast enough.

I toss and turn.

I think—

about what happened,
about us now,
about our future

—but the sky
remains dark.

The LED light
glows in the dark,


Unlike me.

The bed is uncomfortable
without Tammie

in it

with me.

I cry again,

sorry for what I've done,
for what I thought I did,

for what I thought of her.

I wonder
for a moment

why I hallucinated
her dead body,

why I immediately
became suspicious

when she suggested
that I killed the other patients.

can be mean

—I know that—

but she's
always honest.

She believed me,
I realised.

She wanted me to trust her.

That's the only way
we can both

get better.

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