Chapter 103:

CIII | Something Left

Something's Not Right

I stop Tammie
before we go into my room

at bedtime.

'Let's talk,' I whisper.

My voice is hoarse
from having slush forced
down my throat.

My heart breaks for Tammie.

I'm a monster.

We stand
under the rowan trees.

I'm watching Tammie.

Tammie watches the rowan trees.

The leaves wave
at her in the circulated air

and she gives them
her apologetic smile.

'You don't purge,' I tell Tammie.

My voice shakes.
(With rage? Betrayal?)

'You said you were sick
'but you're not.

'I did this to you.'

She doesn't turn
to look at me.

But I know she's listening.

The smile on her face

'It wasn't because
'you played with my feelings.

'I just didn't want you to leave.'

Tammie remains clear

but everything else
turns blurry

from the tears

that cloud my vision.

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