Chapter 108:

CVIII | Something Similar

Something's Not Right

My head is spinning,
My breath comes in gasps,

I'm reaching out
for Tammie

but she's not here.

So the fake Tammie
is the one

who embraces me.

And I let her.

Clutching her shirt.
Burying my mouth

in her shoulder.

Muffling my screams.

The plain nurse
steps forward

to intervene.

But the fake Tammie

says something
to make her retreat

back to the door.

She smells different too.

Not of vomit
or stomach acid.

A musky, wooden smell.

A warm
comforting scent.

For a moment
I wonder if it's really a bad thing

if I believe in this lie

that they're putting in
so much effort

to confuse me.

This lie is better.

I like you, I tell the fake Tammie.

I look deep
into her dark eyes.

I like you like this.

Her breath is warm.
There's no foul smell.

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