Chapter 7:

Aqueenian Legends - Jolon Whitlock the Great 1

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

The Birth and Childhood of the Great

On a cold chilling morning, the great was born. To his mother and father, it was a delight. They could tell immediately; their son would rule over all of Quenth and all of Aquia one day. They named him Jolon, and he was the first son of the Whitlock family.

At this time, the Aqueenian King, Soren Whit, ruled over the land. He was a wicked king from a wicked family that committed wicked deeds. Quenth had grown poor. Aquia had grown tired. Yet King Soren pushed the nation into conflicts they could not hope to win.

The Whitlock family would not hold back their disdain for the king. As an offshoot of the Whit family, they felt a moral responsibility to protest Soren Whit's rule. It was in this environment that the great was raised. His parents would often leave him to his studies and protest the king as he sat on his throne.

On the evening of the great's fifth birthday, his parents were executed for treason. He wept bitterly that day. Perhaps due to the greats sobbing, or perhaps due to brief exhaustion of wickedness, Soren Whit spared the young boy's life. He was taken into the king's family and given new siblings, the eldest daughter, Keres, and the youngest son Bayard.

The great would spend the next several years studying and learning under the care of Soren. It was at this time where the name Whitlock was changed to Whit for the great.

On the evening of the great's tenth birthday, he was officially inducted into King Soren's great Army. Whether by fate or ill intent, it was also on this eve that war was declared on the neighboring Hobusian empire.

The nation of Hobz had expanded and recently established the towns of Ian and Ino in Aquia territory. The wicked king would not accept such a move, and his armies were sent to march with the great in tow.

The fall of Ino

King Soren was wicked, but he was also intelligent. Terrifying as the combination might be, he would lead his army with precision and efficiency. He knew the town of Ian would be well guarded. It was the obvious first choice for an army to march to, despite Ino being closer to the Hobusian capitol.

On the morning after the Great's tenth birthday, he would be ordered to march with the rest of the army to march dy (west). The large Calli mountains stood between the wicked's army and Ino, but that would not stop the army.

An army of 20000 set out that morning. Days later, they reached the mountains they would have to traverse. An army of 10000 emerged from the other side.

The great was barely holding on as the army continued their march. Yet, the other soldiers knew he was great. He exuded the quality of greatness. Whenever he would stumble, the soldiers gladly laid down their lives to keep the great living on. More time passed, and the army would arrive at Ino with 100 less.

The Hobusians in Ino were unprepared for such an attack. As they scrambled for weapons, the wicked army descended on them. In short order, the town of Ino was destroyed and has not been rebuilt even to this day.

It was in this vicious struggle that the Great was fully recognized as such. He emerged from the battle with more honor and valor than any mere soldier could have hoped to achieve

On the eve of his 12th birthday, the great was given the king's army's second command role and a simple goal: win the war.