Chapter 15:

Lost In The Woods

Valkyria Squadron

Oriente 6, HeavenBookmark here

What should I do at this time that I was lost. Well, I had lost enough time and the sun was starting to go down. Again I had to make a decision, I could continue following the river and maybe the night will catch me with its possible death from hypothermia due to the cold or I could stay here and try to prepare myself to spend the night inside the temple and with a bonfire to continue my way back to the hotel tomorrow.Bookmark here

I did not decide not to take risks so I began to prepare the place where I would spend the night.Bookmark here

Since the small temple was big enough to sleep in, I started to repair it to avoid that in case snow fell, it would fall inside, also the doors it had and I also began to collect wood and leaves to make a fire that could last a long time, since I had eaten enough I think I better not look for food because I have no idea that it can be edible or poisonous. I don't think this is too far from civilization and in any case the angels will surely look for me even under the stones because I still have the Codex tied to my hair. At most it will only be a day or two before going back to the hotel.Bookmark here

Regarding how to light the fire it was a little more complicated than I thought it would be. Well, it's not like I had survival tools, almost everything I did required just putting one thing together and tying it up. I didn't even have a knife to help me do other things. But I had my pistol and a single magazine, so improvising a bit I looked for a way to make fire with that. First, the bullets inside have powder powder so it can be used, but to avoid risks, remove the bullet from a casing and cover it with a piece of napkin that I had from breakfast. I put the bullet in the gun and put the gun right next to the campfire and shoot.Although everything did not go perfectly because with the force that the powder came out almost all the leaves flew out from all sides. But what was left was enough to light the fire I needed.Bookmark here

Taking advantage of the fact that it is still daylight, I started to fix the interior of the temple to sleep in it. Since I have no idea how cold it will be, I decided to also put enough sheets to sleep in. But when I got down to work I noticed that there were several more things inside that I hadn't noticed. The first was that there was a stone on what looked like an altar, in addition to a couple of clothes near it, they were from a kimono, they were a little damaged, but necessity is the mother of inventions and that kimono makes an excellent blanket for the night.Bookmark here

I was passing the campfire as close as possible to where I would sleep but preventing it from setting fire to my bed when the crack of a branch sounded, it was close to me and the fact that I had not heard anything approach made me think that it could be some dangerous animal that I was hunting for what I took, prepare my weapon and turn to see the origin of the sound. Was a girl, she had blond hair and beautiful blue eyes, although her appearance that indicated that she was surely a foreigner from this place, her clothes were not very different from the ones everyone used around here.She also had a Naginata, a type of Japanese spear and a bow, she had a rabbit in one of her arms, she is probably a hunter with her dinner . Her face was finely delicate but she also revealed surprise when she saw me, it seems that she did not expect to run into anyone around here. And probably I also had the same face because I was seeing possible my way out of this forest.Bookmark here

"You must be a hunter around here right?" I said with a gentle tone as I lowered my gun.Bookmark here

"A GHOST!"Said the girl as she dropped to her knees in fear.Bookmark here

"No wait!"
"I am not a ghost!"
"Yes, it is true that I am whiter than a normal person but it is because of something else!"
"I'm just a traveler who got lost when I went for a walk outside the hotel"Bookmark here

"So you're just lost?"Bookmark here

"If you could help me get out of this forest and get back on the road, you have no idea how much I would appreciate it."Bookmark here

"If I show you the way, won't you attack me?"Bookmark here

"I don't plan on doing it, I just want to get out of here before it's night"Bookmark here

"Well that's fine, it's near here so I think you can get there fast."
"But don't attack me please"The girl kept asking for her life.Bookmark here

She began to accompany me to show me the way and incidentally to prevent me from losing myself again. We were already near the outside of the forest when the blonde girl started talking.Bookmark here

"You have no idea how sorry I am that you have to bother helping me. Please let me give you something as a reward when we get to the hotel"Bookmark here

"No need, I don't want anything just to help someone"
"But how did you get lost?"
"It is not a place that people like to visit"Bookmark here

"I got a little distracted thinking about my family, and by the time I realized it I was in the middle of nowhere"
"It's shameful that someone older has gotten lost like that, but I don't know this place either"
"And what about you?"
"Are you a hunter?"Bookmark here

"Something similar, my house is here in the forest so I just don't go outside, I get everything from nature" the girl answered me with a slightly insecure face.Bookmark here

"Although I'm glad to meet another kitsune around here, it's hard to know how they're doing when you can't get out of here. Although he had never met an purely white kitsune, Are you from the arctic?"Bookmark here

"I'm not an arctic kitsune, it is albinism, it is more like a type of genetic disorder, although I do not know how to explain my case in reality"
"Originally it was not completely white"
"Wait a second another kitsune? Is there one in this forest?"Bookmark here

The girl stayed still when I finished speaking. She had a surprised face when she heard my question.Bookmark here

"Excuse me, did something happen?"Bookmark here

"No nothing, sorry"
"I'm just a little nervous"Bookmark here

It is not a good idea to stop suddenly without warning, I thought you had stepped on a trap that other hunters setBookmark here

"Are there more hunters here?" the girl asked.Bookmark here

"Well I don't know, it's what Urakaze told me, by the way she's the owner of the hotel, do you know her?"Bookmark here

Does she live around here?Bookmark here

"That's right, it seems that your place was quite famous for this place so I thought everyone knew it"I said smiling to cheer her on from whatever she had.
"very well"
"It would be better to continue"
"I think I almost remember the way, so I think I can manage from here"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry it was my fault" she said.Bookmark here

"No, this is all my fault"
"Wait, what are you doing?"Bookmark here

She dropped the rabbit and pulled her spear against me, tried to hit me with it and gave several lunges. Obviously she wouldn't let me hit so I quickly pulled away from her out of range of her weapon.Bookmark here

"Wait what are you doing, I haven't done anything wrong to you !?"Bookmark here

But she only took position again to attack again.Bookmark here

"It's not a good idea to fight with people you were trying to help just before!"
"We are also in heaven, what do you think will happen when the angels find out that I am missing and you are responsible!"Bookmark here

"Shut up!"
"I will not let the hunters catch me again!"
"I know you will tell them where I am if I let you escape!"Bookmark here

"What are you talking about, that you didn't take me to the outskirts of the forest just to attack me here?"
"That makes no sense!"Bookmark here

But the girl does not listen to reasons and returned to the charge trying to hurt me again. So being forced to make a show of force for her to leave me alone, I shot my pistol at the ground near her.Bookmark here

"What was that!?"she yelled.Bookmark here

"It was a warning"
"The next will be an attack"Bookmark here

"Two can play the same way"Bookmark here

And the girl ignored and seeing that I had a long-range weapon she decided to use her bow, and tied what seemed to be a paper the arrow she would use. Seeing that she would try to attack me, I decided to take cover behind one of the trees.The arrow deviated a lot from me apparently because of the haste with which she threw it, so that it hit another tree next to mineBookmark here

But suddenly something unusual happened because just a second later the arrow exploded as if it had been a grenade. Thanks to the fact that I protected myself with the tree, I did not receive much damage from the explosion, but a piece of the tree that was blown up was embedded in my abdomen. Again I was hurt and fighting for my life even in heaven. What the hell did I do to deserve this?Bookmark here

I was still recovering from the impact when I noticed that now a knife fell close to me, right with another paper in the handle of it. Knowing what will happen next, she ran without treating the wound to get out of the explosion radius.Bookmark here

But when I ran about six feet she came out unexpectedly and grabbed my arm. To free myself, I decided to shoot one of her legs but I couldn't hit it, so I often hit her with the butt of the pistol, freeing myself.Bookmark here

Thinking that the knife would explode at any moment I threw myself to the ground, but nothing happened. I did not explode, it was surely a decoy for her to get close. So I took it and seeing that the girl was preparing to throw herself against me, I decided to throw it on her arm. It was a good blow because I hit her on the shoulder immobilizing that hand.Bookmark here

We are both hurt, staring at each other. neither of them wanted to make the first move to be able to counterattack. But after a minute I saw how the sun was just on the horizon, soon it will be colder and I am losing blood, this is not good for me. She is in a similar situation because I will also be injured in the arm, she cannot use her bow and her spear is far from her, besides that I have a pistol so I can attack her from afar.Bookmark here

Since this would not end well for any of us to decide to try to reach an agreement.Bookmark here

"Look, I know that you are not a bad person at heart because you are here in this world, in heaven and I am sure they do not leave bad people."
"What if we do the following:"
"Each one walks in a different direction, I go there and you go back to the forest where you live and no one will attack anyone. Okay?"Bookmark here

"Why should I believe you?"
"You will only bring more people to attack me later!" the angry girl replied.Bookmark here

"Because I have a gun, you can't do anything and because whatever else you can think of, I'm going to kill you for real"Bookmark here

The girl reflecting seems that she realized what she had just said and saw that she had the upper hand. So with a scared face I answer.Bookmark here

"You won't attack me will you?"Bookmark here

"I will try to get from here as fast as I can, you can do the same if you want, or you can wait for me to leave, but I warn you that I am a good shooter so I assure you that I can give you from farther and faster than what you can do with the bow." I answered.
"Okay, let's both walk on different sides at the same time"Bookmark here

So I started walking backward as I walked away. She for her part collected her things and also did the same, entering the forest.Bookmark here

Once past the immediate danger followed the next one, it is almost night, the temperature is dropping and I am losing blood. so I must find help immediately or I will not be alive within two hours. I can't risk losing body heat, but blood loss is bad too. Seeing that either one is bad, I decided it would be better to treat the wound while walking. It was not a good idea to remove the piece that was embedded because I would lose even more blood later, so I decided to simply take off my shirt and put it around the wound to lose less blood, and to try to keep some heat I began to hug my own tail, I don't think it was of much help, but it was better than nothing.Bookmark here

According to Momo if you die here in heaven they have to go through a process of reappearance at the central, In the central district, near the side where the Security Division is.
It takes several months and it costs a fortune, so if you don't have money you are screwed and you will have to work for free for the next few yearsBookmark here

I don't have that time to waste
I have to see my family !!Bookmark here

As I kept complaining in the darkness that began to surround me, I managed to see where several lights came on. Paying more attention it turned out that the hotel was finally close, so I started to hurry my paceBookmark here

As soon as I went through the lobby door and without taking off my shoes full of dirt, I went straight to the reception, on the way I think I even pushed someone but at this point I didn't care about anything. At the reception was Urakaze who when he saw me started talking to me.Bookmark here

"I know you can be enthusiastic about the female body but indecent scenes are not allowed in this hotel so I ask you to wear a shirt every time you leave your room"Bookmark here

"You get me a doctor now"
"Or you will have to explain to my father that his son died in your hands and you did nothing"I told.Bookmark here

"Doctor at the reception now !!"
"We have an emergency !!" were his next words through the hotel's speakers.Bookmark here

"You bring towels of whatever here now !!" She told one of the nearby employees.Bookmark here

"I'm on it!!"Answered the other.Bookmark here

"Give me a moment I'll try to treat myself while help arrives"Bookmark here

But as Urakaze spoke to me, I began to see blurry and fell to the ground, fainting.
Bookmark here

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