Chapter 21:

Confession Contest And The Return Trip

Valkyria Squadron

Oriente 6, HeavenBookmark here

It was already so late at night that I could even use the hot springs to bathe, which I took advantage of because I had not even been in a puddle that was nothing other than mud for years. But far from relaxing, it only made me more nervous thinking about everything I still had to do.Bookmark here

First I had to explain my situation to Tamamo and what the angels did to her. I also have to talk to Momo at least one more time before I go because I don't know when I will see her again. And that's without talking about the real deal, what I'm going to do when I get back to earth. I have to look for Maria that is clear, but how am I going to explain what happened to me, and it is not just the sex change, but the ears and the tail. And she has to know what she will do to my mother when she finds out that I am married to someone I have only known for two days. Or how am I going to live from now on?Bookmark here

AAHHH!Bookmark here

There are too many things to be aware of. I do not like to be in complicated things. I just want to be in a quiet place relaxing, maybe with a bit of jazz in the background while doing something like putting together that model of the Enterprise aircraft carrier that should still be in the box that I left at home, or maybe finish reading the book, Robinson Crusoe. But I don't think I can be doing that for quite some time at least.Bookmark here

But right now there is no point, at least for these minutes the only thing I should do is have a blank mind and see the night sky above me, I will worry about the rest when the time comes.Bookmark here

Although unfortunately, that time came even earlier than even I thought, because suddenly I could hear how the door to the hot springs opened, someone was about to enter. In an act of reflex, I grabbed a large stone that was close to me, it all depended on who entered what would determine what would happen next if it was a man I would kill him with it, if it was a girl I would withdraw immediately asking for forgiveness before de Urakaze realizes what happened. But the one who passed through the door was none other than Tamamo, who just saw me was glad and went straight to me. She continued to maintain her goddess aura, she was beautiful and had a figure full of curves, although now she had her blonde hair collected and only a cloth-covered her chest to her hips that only made her look sexier than she already was.Bookmark here

"What are you doing here?"
"I'm here!"Bookmark here

"Now we are a couple now there is no problem, also now you are also a girl so nothing could happen."
"I finished taking another look at the room and I had not visited a hot spring for a long time, so I thought about taking a bath before sleeping. Although I thought it would be closed at this time Momo told me that you actually had a reservation for yourself at this time" Bookmark here

"Did she tell you?"Bookmark here

"So I thought of taking this opportunity and killing two birds with one shot" She said as she entered the water and approached me.Bookmark here

"And what is the other thing they have in mind"Bookmark here

"Well, I wanted to know where you are from?" She said while tilting her head a bit as if to highlight the question.
"I want to know more about you now that we will be together forever"Bookmark here

"Speaking of which, you're really sure about what you did. Do you really think it's a good idea?"
"Do you really think it is a good idea to be with me?"Bookmark here

"Do you doubt yourself so much just because of what angels did?"Bookmark here

"Wait what, did you know!?"Bookmark here

"I lived in a palace for a long time, I have seen how plots work many times"
"I myself fell because of one, you think you didn't know what happens around me when I'm away from home"
"In fact, I also want to confess to you, because I would be lying if I told you that I did not know from the beginning. I knew they were dealing with something since everyone in this hotel seems more like guards and hunters rather than clients. But that doesn't mean that what I feel for you isn't real. I really love you and I want to be with you" she sat down and leaned on me finally.Bookmark here

"But you've only known me since we've been in the woods, you don't know who I could have been in the past"Bookmark here

"You know the same about me and even so I do not see that you are not very against having married me. All your questions are the same, about you not thinking you are good enough to be with someone else, but deep down it is what you want. You want to be with someone else, because you have been alone for a long time and you are afraid of that very thing, being alone. That's what you're actually hiding isn't it?" my face met hers when she askedBookmark here

"But what"Bookmark here

"I think being honest should be the foundation of a relationship and I don't think it's fair that only I know something that you wanted to hide. So I will also tell you something that I wanted to hide"
"In fact, I try to hide my true personality with a cuter and more awkward one. Although in reality, I am to be cold and manipulative because the palace forced me. But it is something that I want to change so I will do my best to change until it comes naturally to me to be cute and clumsy"
"OK, ready, I already told a secret of mine, now it's your turn to tell one"Bookmark here

"really?" I thought she was just saying it trying to prove to me what I would do, so I tried to downplay it and play along
"Okay, If you really want to continue being a couple, go ahead despite knowing what happened, then that's fine. But it was something that you looked for yourself."
"But you better not retreat when you see the problem that you have gotten into by choosing me because you no longer have an escape with that slavery magic that they put you and with which you agreed"
"One of my confections would be that I once spent at least two or three years in the Moscow metro fighting dragons in the dark armed with only a map that I made myself"
"Your turn"Bookmark here

"I can take the shape of anyone as long as they see it first"
"You better not be unfaithful because it could be me in disguise"
"Now you"Bookmark here

What the heck, can she do that? Well, she's a real kitsune, so maybe she's capable of doing that. Well, if you believe that with that you are going to win, you are wrong. Because this is where I'm going to play my best card to make her see reason.Bookmark here

"You are actually my second wife, the first was called Nanami, supposedly she died but no one has wanted to tell me where she is here in heaven, this body I'm wearing now is actually hers. To make matters worse, the transparent angel also seems to be in love with me"Bookmark here

"I didn't see that coming"
"It is true?"Bookmark here

"You were the one who said that we should be clear honest between us"Bookmark here

"OK, so my confession will be that I don't care as long as you have time for me. Go ahead you can have as many wives you want, do your harem as you want. I only ask you not to forget me"Bookmark here

"Do you really intend to continue with this despite that?"Bookmark here

"You are very wrong if you think something like that will stop me. I am 100% committed to moving forward as a couple"
"Now you" She was still immovable with her decision. That caught me off guard, I had to fight back with something else.Bookmark here

"I have to protect the crystals I have in my hair even if it costs me my life, again"Bookmark here

"I already knew that"
"Stella told me that"Bookmark here

"I don't think you have a chance to know what my true face was before I ended up in this body. I almost always wore a ski mask as I hated the way my face looked. I think the photo with my most recent face was the one from when I started my second job as a police officer, about ten years ago."Bookmark here

"What happened?"Bookmark here

"Something not good. End."Bookmark here

"Ok then, now my turn"
"I will say then that I have fear of men"Bookmark here

"Are you serious?"Bookmark here

"It's not that I don't tolerate them. Again my dream has always been to marry someone."
"But after my experience with the people in the palace and seeing how they treated women. What had to be endured was horrible. I thought Emperor Konoe was different from the rest until he betrayed me. Since then I am afraid of them, being honest I am even afraid right now that you will betray me too. But looking at the situations we've been in and you've still helped me, I know you wouldn't."Bookmark here

"So if I had been in my original body, none of this would have happened !?"Bookmark here

"No, nothing would have changed"
"I would have also fallen in love with you without a doubt"Bookmark here

"How badly do they treat you that you think so highly of me?"Bookmark here

"A lot actually. But don't think so bad of yourself either, you're much better than you think"
"Your turn again"Bookmark here

And so as time goes on we keep talking about our past and what we thought. I talked about my adventures when in the war against dragons, my family, what happened in the world while Tamamo was gone, the list of things I had to do when we returned to earth. She instead told me about her past and her responsibility as the goddess of the Moon, which was basically leaving the moon in automatic mode until today. Curiously, my part was the most interesting of the two stories, but I have seen life in chaos for a long time, but I am not lying when I say that I enjoy talking with her.Bookmark here

I think it was the first time in a long time that I spoke so much to someone, something that was nothing more than orders or shouting enemy positions and complaining about something. In fact we talked so much that even when we went back to Tamamo's room and went to bed we were still arguing, I had even forgotten that the sun was almost coming up again, it was fun.Bookmark here

According to the Oriente 6 pact agreements that we discussed, the following was agreed:Bookmark here

Apart from Tamamo's legal possession as a slave and my right to have a harem, and he agreed to the following requests:Bookmark here

*Call her Tama affectionately.
*Introduce her to my family.
*Right to a trip with me at least once a year to a tourist place.
*In the harem there can only be members of the female sex, with both parts unanimously agreeing.
*Reserve at least one day a week to sleep with her in the same bed, with prior agreement with the other members of the harem.
*Visit the sanctum where the false stone that sealed it is to mock her persecutors from the past.
*Right to name at least one of our children, I have no idea what the hell she is planning to do this part, but I am scared and had to sign this under threats of death.
*Advance payment of expenses for cosmetics, beauty treatments, clothes, and beautiful things for Tamamo, this was even worse than the previous one.
*Open discussion sessions with the other members of the harem to talk about anything, plans, problems, advice on love, an extension of requests about my obligation, I feel that now I am the one who is losing more than winning.Bookmark here

*More than a series of laws, it is like a guide. That under discussion and prior approval of the majority of the Harem to apply this ultimatum, being Tamamo, for now, the only member present, her vote counts for two above mine. I tried to put this part to defend myself about any future repercussions, but only putting the last part about the votes was that she let me put it that.Bookmark here

I think we fell asleep without realizing it. Well, by the time I realized it, One of the inn's employees got to get up the next morning, since apparently the portal to return was ready to make the jump. So we had to collect everything and prepare for the trip.Bookmark here

Unfortunately, the clothes that I had I don't think would help me to go unnoticed because the clothes I had were made for people with ears and a tail in mind, so it would be quite strange on earth because for example my pants have space for the tail and the hood of the jacket also has spaces for the fox ears. In addition, the clothes of Tamamo's Miko are even more striking. The good thing is that I could hide the gun that I had between them quite well. But that didn't matter at all compared to seeing my family again.Bookmark here

When I went to the reception I met Urakaze in it, so I decided to say goodbye to her.Bookmark here

"Despite the high rate, I think you can definitely do a great job as a hotel owner"
"Not many managers can handle a situation like watching a client bleed out and helping them"
"I leave you this letter where I tell my father to give you back the property of the place, and incidentally that he will pay you for my stay. I'm sorry to leave it alone like that, but I really don't have a coin with myself right now"Bookmark here

"Don't worry, the main thing is always to help each other, right?"
"Besides, not only will your father pay me, but also the security division paid your expenses, including the wedding. And Momo paid for a double room thanks to you instead of a single one. I'm actually earning three times more thanks to you!"
"Also remember that if you come to visit this planet again you can always return here"Bookmark here

"If you lose it again in a bet"Bookmark here

"I already learned my lesson with all this"Bookmark here

"By the way about your wife Tamamo, if some time you need to use the slavery magic, do not hesitate. You may have fought and survived fighting her, but it was only because she was still partially sealed and weak. But not everyone is a soldier and if she goes crazy on earth it will not be something they will let her overlook. The last thing I want is to be called back to hunt her down and separate a happy couple"Bookmark here

After that, I took the train back to the capital of Oriente 6, which to my shame Urakaze also paid. And as if last night had not been enough to talk to Tama during the entire return trip. Once in the city we managed not to get lost towards the Portal Terminal, Where I only found Stella, Momo was nowhere to be found, which surprised me because she was the one who had to fix thingsBookmark here

"At last you are already here"The girl with the serious face spoke as soon as she saw us
"I have to say that you did take your time to get here"
"Our support expert already partially fixed the machine during the course of last night."
"It only takes a magic input strong enough to turn the machine on for at least 30 seconds. I hope the collaboration of Tamamo for this part" She addressed the Goddess while he was lighting a temporary crystal that was tied with a couple of cables, they were glued with metal tape in a comical way, without a doubt a job done quickly.
My now-wife began to transfer magic to the device to start with the transport.
"Do not worry about the destination coordinates, because we have already taken care of that too, it took us several days to find the perfect place, but I think we have found it. I assure you that it will help you a lot in your future. Above all, I recommend a pastry shop that is close to where they will appear, and it has been there and they are delicious, but make sure you go in the afternoon, before dark because today they will close early"Bookmark here

"Wait for a second!"
"Where is Momo? I need to talk to her before I go"Bookmark here

"She had a little last-minute problem with a couple of papers that she filled by mistake without weighing the consequences of what they meant. By the way, you can also sign this sheet here, it is just the record of leaving heaven, you know, more paperwork"Bookmark here

"Is serious?"
"Are you sure?"
"The two previous times I didn't have to sign anything"Bookmark here

"Because the first the paperwork was done in advance and the second the boss attended you personally."Bookmark here

"And why doesn't Tama have to sign?"Bookmark here

"She is occupying right now and also this document is for both"Bookmark here

"As this is another of your deceptions I will take revenge" I warned Stella while signing the document.Bookmark here

"I know you can't do it"
"Don't worry, it's not a prank from me this time, it's from the transparent girl this time"
"Ho no! who could have included this other marriage record among these papers! Without a doubt, it was Momo who left this over here and by mistake I took advantage" she said while pretending surprise to see the documents again.Bookmark here

"Wait, what the hell are you telling me?"Bookmark here

"Or well, there is no choice but to take her as your wife too, she is so shy that she did not think that you would really sign this, although I do not think she will resist the idea either, I will see that the boss also approves it. I'll also give her slavish magic as punishment for doing this. I'll send you the glass girl later in a wrapped box and everything. For now, enjoy your time back on earth."Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I am not opposed, we made this clear yesterday" said the goddess as she continued working on opening the portal.Bookmark here

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO?" The portal began to appear just as I was speaking.

"I know and I love it" She approached me and pushed me through the portal behind me.Bookmark here

"I HATE YOU!"Bookmark here

Tamamo left what she was doing, leaped towards me, and hugged myself to cross the portal together back to earth finally.Bookmark here

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