Chapter 22:

A New Chance To Start Over

Valkyria Squadron

When I opened my eyes again the first thing I saw this time was Tamamo's face, she was looking at me in an affectionate way. Although seeing her so close to me I was scared so I jumped to get out of there, what I didn't know was that I was actually lying on her legs so when I got up I hit my head with hers.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, I didn't think I was that close, are you okay?"Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I'm fine "she answered.Bookmark here

"What the heck was what happened?"
"Why was I on your legs? what happened to me?"Bookmark here

"Well when we arrived you hit your face against the ground, and since we were hugging I think you gave yourself so hard that you lost consciousness for a few minutes"Bookmark here

"Hey is it true that this is planet earth?"
"Do you know where we are?"Bookmark here

She was right and I couldn't believe it, I had managed to come back here after everything that happened to me. I was so excited that I immediately took a look around me to see where we were.Bookmark here

The two of us are sitting on a wooden bench, which in turn was in a small children's park, just the two of us are alone. From the surroundings, you could see that we were in a residential area. A little in the distance you could see a huge building that stood out from the rest, it was an unmistakable metal tower, it was the Tokyo Skytree, and seeing the language in which the traffic signs were confirmed to me that we were really in Tokyo in Japan. Which for me was a great relief because I was a huge step closer to meeting my family. In the sky there was not a single cloud in the sky, seeing the potion of the sun without a doubt it was noon and it was hot, in summary, was a good day. Seeing how peaceful the city was, I remembered that it had been a long time that I hadn't seen something like that, buildings in perfect condition, streets without rubble, the noise of a living city, the sound of cars passing by. There was not a trace on the portal we used, there was simply nothing around except Tamamo who was looking around even more surprised than I was. But later when she saw that I was looking at her, she stopped and turned to see me and talk to me again.Bookmark here

"What do you think of this place?"
"Is this your home"
"Is this where you come from?" She said with a face that reflects the desire for a positive response.Bookmark here

"But at least if we are in the same world"
"In fact this Tokyo, as I found on the internet before was called Edo in Musashi province"Bookmark here

"But it doesn't look like anything?"
"There are such tall buildings !?"
"I don't know this place"
"It looks nothing like the capital of Oriente 6, almost all the houses have the same square design"Bookmark here

"I don't know much about here either"
"But I've been to this city before"
"It was in this city that I saw my sister for the last time"
"She was in an ISC hospital near here"
"Although that was quite a long time ago"
"Since Japan remained neutral to the war it is a safe place"
"At least now I'm a little closer to knowing what happened"Bookmark here

But while I was talking to Tamamo, a couple of people started to come to where we were and they started talking as soon as they saw us. As soon as I thought a bit about why I remembered why, I was still dressed in the clothes that Momo got me and Tama was still dressed in her Miko outfit. It was clear that they were talking about us.Bookmark here

"I think without a doubt our appearances stand out too much"
"We have to do something"
"I don't want the police to stop me as soon as I return"Bookmark here

"I have no problem that people see me as I am"
"I want to look pretty to you because there is nothing better than going shopping and getting new clothes !!"
"But do you have money?"Bookmark here

""Bookmark here

"You know that reminds me that I have to get more to buy clothes"
"You can wait for me in this park while I get it"
"I won't last long, at most an hour"
"I swear to you"
"Please wait for me and don't move from here"Bookmark here

"I will wait for your return right here"Bookmark here

"Thank you"Bookmark here

As soon as I finished speaking I started running to start looking around, I think I walked quickly like 3 blocks trying to find what I was looking for. It was clear that in a city as big as Tokyo there must be things like that somewhere, I just hope it's not too far from here. But with just a quick glance you can find, what a stroke of luck.Bookmark here

There were three men, because of how they dressed and seeing that they all had equally striking motorcycles, you could see that they were a motorcycle gang, they are expensive motorcycles and they only had a couple of metal tubes to defend themselves, without a doubt an opportunity. I couldn't believe what I was about to do, I just came back from heaven, I say I don't want any problems and the next thing I try to do is assault three dangerous men to steal money from them. Or well, surely they will have more in a bank.Bookmark here

Exactly 47 seconds laterBookmark here

***punching sound***Bookmark here

"And next time try to attack your grandmother"
"Alright it's time to see how much money they have"
"Hell, where do these people keep their wallets?"
"Maybe I should have questioned them before knocking them out"Bookmark here

Seeing who did not revise his pants jackets, where I did not find their wallets, but if a large wad of cash that one had hidden in an internal pocket.Bookmark here

"No one will carry something like this with them"
"These are not bullies, they are dealers!"
"With this, I make sure I have money quickly without the need to scam innocent people"
"And when assaulting dangerous people they will not be able to go to the police to claim"
"This came unexpectedly well!"
"But it would be better to get back to Tama as soon as possible, I don't want to make her nervous for taking too long"Bookmark here

After getting going, we walked south, right to where the Tokyo skytree was because at least there must be several stores close to it. It took us several minutes and a lot of teasing from the people who saw us, that little trip felt like an eternity for me. But to my salvation, I found the store we were looking for and without hesitation, we entered immediately, the truth is that I entered only because I saw that they sold a couple of shirts at the entrance, but once inside it was a department store so it saved us.Bookmark here

But now I had another problem. I'm just looking for something to cover my tail with and maybe a hat, now the question is what I do with Tamamo. I have not the slightest idea that a girl could like her and to top it off she doesn't think she knows anything about current fashion, for she probably hopes to get a kimono. While she kept thinking that getting an employee came to attend us.Bookmark here

"Hello good welcome"
"Is there anything I can help you with?" She said with a face of doubt and desire to laugh.Bookmark here

Quick I must think of something to avoid falling into an even more embarrassing situation. Something whatever!Bookmark here

"Excellent, we were just looking for help from someone"
"Right now we are recording a video for our website, our users challenged us to come dressed like this and see if we can get as normal as possible and see people's reactions."
"Do you think you can help us?"
"Obviously we will pay for the clothes that you think can help us"
"We had two levels of difficulty, I played something easy so I think I'll be fine alone, but my friend is the one who has the difficult part. You think you can help her. By the way, she may be a bit into her character, so I ask you for patience but don't worry, we don't intend to record inside the store."Bookmark here

Ok, to have lied on the fly, it came out almost so natural that it scares me that I believe it myself.Bookmark here

"So that's what it is!"
"For a bit, I thought they were one of those strange clients who appear from time to time"
"Well, I think it would be fun to do something like that."
"Leave it to me, I will help you the best possible"Bookmark here

"Like, isn't this the weirdest thing you've ever seen?"
"I would like to say yes, but after working here for a while I think I have resigned myself"Bookmark here

"Hey darling, can you stop these clothes that I found!?"
"Don't you think it would look very pretty on you!?" Tama yelled almost from the other end of the tent to where I was standing.Bookmark here

"But where the hell did you get that from!?"
"The idea is to dress like everyone else"
"Do not stand out even more!"Bookmark here

"Not pretty enough?"
"Well, then I will look better!"
"As your wife, I will find something you like!"Bookmark here

"STOP!"Bookmark here

After a while, I got a black jacket and tied it around my waist so I think it covered my tail quite well, on the cap it was a bit more difficult because not just any of them fit well and others bothered my fox ears, but later after looking for a long time I managed to find one. Tamamo on the part of her she was much more difficult to find something but it was almost impossible. Well, although she could simply change shape to that of a normal human because she was stubborn she did not want to. First, we saw that she had too many tails to wear something normal, and although it turns out that she can hide almost all of them, she wanted to show at least one, just like me, but she didn't want to hide it either, and the same with her ears, she just wanted to show them because she said that she looked pretty with them. At the end of a lot of trying, both the employee and I gave up and we better just started looking for something that she would like to wear.Bookmark here

In the end she got a pink turtleneck sweater, a short black skirt, and high stockings, she also got some boots with ties, it seemed she liked them because she was quite happy when she saw the employee bring them to her. So, in the end, I think I managed to hide well while Tamamo I simply look for nice clothes to wear that will fit in what is worn now. About the price of things, well let's just say that Tama's clothes cost much more than I thought would be possible. We just spent almost everything on her clothes, but it was a small price to pay for the salvation of the embarrassing situation.Bookmark here

"I really thought that you would be against wearing this kind of clothes, but I see that you really enjoyed looking around the store"
"How do you adapt so quickly to the change in style?" I said to Tama as we left the store.Bookmark here

"Beauty is a woman's war!"
"In a war, the one who adapts the fastest wins!"
"Never have mercy!" she answered me with a look on fire.Bookmark here

When we returned to the street I saw how the sky was now golden when I saw how the sun started. The night was approaching. And the impatience filled me again, I had almost no money due to the clothes we bought, we had not eaten all day and as if that were not enough I did not have a place to go to sleep either. I had to get back on track to fix this as soon as possible.Bookmark here

But as we walked aimlessly while I thought about what to do next Tama spoke again.Bookmark here

"I am very hungry"
"We barely had breakfast"
"Let's find a place to eat" she said with a face that was looking a little tired.Bookmark here

I started to review the little money that we had left, it was not hopeful what we had left.Bookmark here

"It's okay"
"I got this"
"We still have money to eat something small at least"
"How about the coffee shop from before!?"Bookmark here

"Coffee shop?"Bookmark here

"Do you know what coffee is?"Bookmark here

"Is it some kind of restaurant?"Bookmark here

"Quite similar"
"There was one that I liked how one looked that we passed on the way here"
"Let's go to that"Bookmark here

And with that, we set off to enjoy a little break before continuing with whatever the future awaited us tonight.Bookmark here

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