Chapter 24:

Home Sweet Home

Valkyria Squadron

After spending a pleasant time in the coffee shop, it was time to get out of there. My mother, realizing that we had nowhere to be, did not take a second to tell me to go to sleep at the house, in fact, I think that even if they really had a place she would have insisted anyway. Apparently, the house was only a block from there so it was only a few minute's walk. Although I try to talk about many things that happened so as not to overwhelm her, the level of crazy things never goes down. The truth is that I still do not believe that she fully believes what we are telling her.Bookmark here

"This is all so ridiculous"
"Do you really expect them to believe all that?"
"Are you really a goddess?" Asked my mom.Bookmark here

"That's right"
"I can do what I want with the moon"
"Do you want to see a total eclipse of the sun tomorrow?"Bookmark here

"No thanks" I tried to stop her.
"I don't want the world to go into chaos!"
"And who knows how scientists will be when they see that the moon begins to move suddenly"Bookmark here

"Well, here it is, I present our new home here in Japan" mom said as she pointed to the house in front of us.Bookmark here

It was a slightly bigger house even compared to the old one that we had back in our country, and by Japanese standards, it had to be a mansion. It had two floors with a garage and even a good size garden, which the other thing did not have, it was brown and white and also had a brick fence. It shouldn't be cheap, you could tell just by looking at it.Bookmark here

"What do you think!?"
"Very pretty right!"
"It cost me a lot to get a nice house near the coffee shop"
"I wanted me to be able to walk there and return"
"So when I discovered that there was a public building that was used for private use"
"I did the proper negotiations and demolished him to make this one!"
"Even the neighbors are happy with what I did"Bookmark here

"Wait, did you just say that you destroyed a public building to make your house?"
"Is that legal?"Bookmark here

"It is if you talk and convince those who are in charge, they owed me a couple of favors so I thought about reminding them of the times to help them and if they could help me if we wanted to continue on good terms"Bookmark here

"Wait, the government owed you favors so they let you have this?"
"What are you working on now?"
"You are no longer in charge of foreign relations for that law firm?"Bookmark here

"Isn't a house too big for one person?" Tama asked.Bookmark here

"Well the truth also I thought the same, but I needed a little space for what I plan to do and also now that you are here is a decision that I am glad to make, but let's talk about that inside"
"Come in, this is also your house"Bookmark here

The inside of the house was what you would expect from the outside. It was also beautiful and modern, a spacious and well-furnished room. But as I looked in more detail, I began to notice several familiar things. They were the painted pictures that Uncle Jose made, the damaged floor vases in our house, the small table that I broke. There were even the curtains that Maria burned a corner for trying to do a magic trick. Everything was full of beautiful memories of the past, it was like being partially in my house, I had so much melancholy about this place that is new and at the same time no,It reminded me of so many good things from the past, that I wanted to cry again.Bookmark here

"Did you really bring all of this here?"
"This must have cost a lot all this"Bookmark here

"Well what I want to do I think it will take me a long time so I thought about bringing everything important to me. I didn't want to leave these things behind and have them flatten with dust"Bookmark here

"But go ahead and settle down, I'm going to prepare the bathroom for two first"Bookmark here

After Tamamo and I bathed, we put on the robes to sleep that Urakaze gave us. Well, the truth is that it is difficult to find sleeping clothes with space for foxtails here on earth. After that, we spent some time explaining to Tama what a television is and that she shouldn't be afraid of it. But our worries were for nothing because before long she was already enjoying a superhero movie and eating popcorn. While my mother and I sat down to talk in the dining roomBookmark here

"It's like being in a dream, right now I have the goddess of the moon sitting in my living room, and on the other side is who claims to be my son who was dead in the body of a pale girl and is trying to brush her tail"
"To finish making it more ridiculous, they tell me that just yesterday you got married when only you had met 24 hours before"
"But seeing that you even have the photos of the event"
"Wait a second!"
"But what are you doing!"
"Are you using my hairbrush for your tail!?"Bookmark here

"It is bad?"Bookmark here

"You know how much tail hair you are going to leave there!"
"Also, your hair is white, if I use it and they stay in mine, people will think that I have gray hair!"Bookmark here

"Tama suggested that I do it and she even left the brush close by"Bookmark here

"You know what, forget it, I better get a new one tomorrow"Bookmark here

"I apologize for the trouble Tama caused you"
"She has been locked up for a thousand years so she is not used to technology"Bookmark here

"All of this is surprising me"Bookmark here

"Well since we are now in a private place now you want to tell me what you have been doing. Besides now I have the certainty that I had heard you before, it was during one of those missions as a weapon of the alliance, right. You were there"Bookmark here

"Well, many things happened when you left without telling anyone. But I swear that if I had known that it is you I would never have put you through all that"
"This must be my fault"
"I couldn't even guess what it might have been with the person the I.S.C used"
"No matter who it was I did something terrible to have given permission to do something like that"
"Besides that, you also ended up in the battle of Norway for my insistence on protecting the laboratory at any cost"
"It is also my fault for everything that has happened!"Bookmark here

"Please leave it"
"What happened was something that I put myself"
"I joined the army hiding it from you"
"It was impossible for you to know that I would also end up there"
"You only did what you could to prevent the alliance from losing the war"
"At the end of everything, I was the final responsible for what happened to me"
"Better explain to me what you are doing now, what is your new job"Bookmark here

"Now I am the coordinator of the high command of the Alliance"Bookmark here

"What the hell"
"Is not that a very important position"
"How you are in such a position. The war just ended, you should be in Vienna fixing the peace treaties, or something complicated like that, what are you doing here?"Bookmark here

"Come on, the title is a very fancy way of saying that I just make some people remember to call others or arrange meetings with others, it's not a big deal. I am also here for family problems, but I will let you know about them later and also my name does not even appear in the newspapers. No one will notice my absence"
"About how I got to the position there. After you left but you kept sending money I thought I would earn a little more so I started taking more important cases at the law firm, I met several people here and there"
"Some had a problem that needed another person and I was an intermediary to fix things"
"Over time more powerful people who paid more who also needed my services hired me to work with them. And with a little more time his rivals too"
"But instead of choosing a faction, I just decided to stay out of trouble and be neutral."
"I may have also done that a bit too well, because, after the leaders of the alliance followed in contact with me, they wanted me to do the same as always, mediate and solve problems of the projects they had"
"Once again I accepted because the pay was quite good and could finally cover your sister's medical expenses in full"
"Now that the war is finally over my new job is still the same"
"Intermediate and try to solve problems between the member governments of the Alliance"
"They have a lot of confidence in me"
"But the truth is that I already want to leave all that behind"
"The only thing that I have not given up yet is because for now I still need my job for what I have to do here."
"In fact, right now I am fulfilling my dream of having my own coffee shop"
"Although for now, I have it as a secondary job and as something to entertain myself"Bookmark here

"Were you on any other shady secret projects like mine?"Bookmark here

"No, yours was the only one I worked for, it wasn't that I liked him either, but a couple of people in important positions are very excited about him and wanted me to supervise personally"
"When I decided that I would finish the project I knew that they could perhaps take repercussions against me so I decided to remove them "from the game" before they did with me"
"Now they are farmers of a vegetable plantation in southern Africa"
"All the other projects were normal things, new models of tanks, airplanes, things like that"
"But I have no power over what the I.S.C does"
"I only take care of you because they failed to fulfill their contract"
"So I have no idea what other things they would have done."Bookmark here

"Excuse me for interrupting you with your talk."
"But I would like to go to sleep but I have no idea where I should go" Tama, who had been all this time without complaining finally spoke.
Bookmark here

"She is right!"
"Look at the time!"
"I think it would be better to go to sleep"
"Tomorrow we will continue talking with more time"
"I'll take them to an unused room"Bookmark here

After that she took us to one of the rooms upstairs, It was one that was literally empty. There were only a couple of windows facing the street and a smaller one on one side.Bookmark here

"This here will be the room for you two"
"Sorry it's not furnished yet"
"I just never thought that I would use a room so soon"
"The good thing is that I have several of these Japanese floor mattresses and they are very convenient for moments like these"
"Tomorrow I'll get the things for you, the room and a real bed"
"Cesar come down a moment and help me bring them"Bookmark here

I went down with her to a small closet that was in another room.I went down with her to a small closet that was in another room. But when she was back, my mom stopped me for the moment and talked to me.Bookmark here

"From what they told me they already slept together yesterday"
"Also I do not think that the way things are now despite anything that you may regret later."
"But please remember that I also live in this house and I would like to be able to sleep from time to time without noise"Bookmark here

"What do you mean with that?"
"I do not understand anything"Bookmark here

"I know a couple has their needs"
"But if you are both girls, it means that you have more work than usual"
"Please remember that others want to sleep peacefully without suggestive noises every night, however, I think it's okay from time to time"
"I won't say anything about what happens between you two in your room"Bookmark here

"Are you really talking about that!?"Bookmark here

"I'm not forbidding you anything"
"In fact, I am proud that you managed to find a girl for yourself and introduced her to me"
"I just want to tell you that I support you in your relationship, but please don't let it be every day"Bookmark here

"And I thought you wanted to talk about something important"Bookmark here

"But of course it is important!"
"It is important that you can satisfy your partner!"
"Your younger brother has been married for three years"
"You have to recover and try to reach it!"Bookmark here

"You know it's impossible for me to have children with Tama"Bookmark here

"It is not about having children, it is about determination!"Bookmark here

"Leave it!"
"Please stop, don't make this all more complicated"Bookmark here

Knowing that arguing with her would lead nowhere, I decided better to withdraw myself. After putting the futons in, Tamamo and I fell asleep because we were tired of being up so late for two days in a row.Bookmark here

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