Chapter 23:

An Unexpected Meeting

Valkyria Squadron

After walking for a while we finally managed to reach the cafeteria that caught my attention. It was a very pretty place to look at, it had decorations that were pleasing to the eye, you could tell that the place was clearly designed to resemble that famous coffee chain, which I liked exactly that kind of atmosphere. The prices were pretty good and the place was almost empty, luckily for us.Bookmark here

As soon as we entered Tama and I went to the counter to pick out some cupcakes to eat and maybe something to drink.Bookmark here

"Excuse me but you are not allowed to lean so hard on the counter" he lady who attended spoke to us.Bookmark here

As soon as she finished speaking, I immediately turned to see Tama, who was doing just what the employee told us just not to do. I immediately took her by the shoulders and made her a little back gently.Bookmark here

"We are very sorry"
"We did not want to cause any inconvenience"
"We were just looking at what would be better to eat"
"Do you have any recommendation?"Bookmark here

"In that case I recommend this one here"
"It is quite sweet but if it is accompanied with a tea it will be perfect"Bookmark here

"So we will order 2 of those"Bookmark here

"Thank you very much"Bookmark here

After that Tama and I did not sit at one of the tables at the back of the store, to try to get as little attention as possible.Bookmark here

"I'm surprised to see how calm she has acted despite how we look" I said to her as we sat downBookmark here

"I already want to try the sweets!" She replied with a smile.Bookmark here

"Well it's normal"
"We haven't eaten since morning"Bookmark here

"But I would like to eat something more than that"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry but there's not much we can do"
"Right now we don't have much money"
"This for now should be enough"
"..."Bookmark here

I felt bad for her, because of me she is now here in a completely strange place for her and having to put her through this where I have nothing.Bookmark here

"Are you going to leave your wife hungry?"
"It should not be like that!!" She said to make me feel worse than I already had.Bookmark here

"And shouldn't we be together through good and bad?"
"Right now we are in a difficult position"
"But I trust that we will make it through"
"You will see!!"
"Today we will sleep in a very comfortable place !!" I said trying to cheer myself up.Bookmark here

Right after, the worker arrived with the two cupcakes and the two teas, she put everything on the table and made a gesture to indicate that we could start eating.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Doesn't she think of leaving!?Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

"Sorry, but is there something I can help you with?" I decided to ask her directly better to break the awkward silence.Bookmark here

"Sorry i got carried away"
"I was thinking how real those ears look"
"And how your friend is even capable of wagging her tail"
"Are you going to costume events?"Bookmark here

I knew it!!
They would always attract attention!
I'm going to have to improvise something, again, think of something that sounds convincingBookmark here

"Yes it is"
"We like to make costumes as realistic as possible"
"And well we wanted to see if we could do it with things like this!"Bookmark here

"So you do it for fun"Bookmark here

"Quite so"Bookmark here

"Although I do not remember any event like those that are held on these days"
"Are there any around here?"Bookmark here

Leave me alone a damn time. I just want to eat calmly!Bookmark here

"Well actually we were helping another friend make her own costume"
"But an emergency happened and she had to go"
"So we decided to wait here for her to come back again"Bookmark here

"Wow I think that would be an inconvenience"
"Due to certain arrangements in the store, the owner has decided to close earlier today"
´"In fact she is already on her way"Bookmark here

Hell, I can't even enjoy a meal in peace?Bookmark here

"It's okay"
"We will finish eating and leave immediately"Bookmark here

"Sorry for the problems"
"And thank you for your understanding." said the worker as she finally retreated back to the counter at the front of the store.Bookmark here

"You are really good at dealing with people" said the goddess as she began to eat.Bookmark here

"Does it seem strange to you that he I am able to talk to people?"
"That is nothing special"Bookmark here

"I didn't say it for that"
"But for being able to move on despite what happens to you"
"Despite what you go through, you are still considerate of others in some way"Bookmark here

"It is not a big deal"Bookmark here

"Yes it is"
"Since you had that body you were until this morning in a world unknown to you"
"You had no place to sleep, when we met we fought and you defeated me, then despite the suddenness of wanting to marry you, you left me"
"And for the next day you are in a country far from your land without money and having to take care of me"
"That despite being a goddess, I just don't know anything now"
"And still you are able to be calm and kind"
"Although now you barely have money for this meal"
"You keep talking like it's no difficulty"
"We don't even have a place to sleep today and yet you say I leave everything to you"
"That you are going to solve it"
"That I just need to trust you"
"You are quite strong"
"You are my savior and still you manage to continue surprising me with something new"
"I just can't give you anything but my love and support"
"Because I have nothing else, and with you close I will not lack anything without a doubt"Bookmark here

"Thank you"
"I didn't think it's really a big deal"
"But I think I'm doing my best because you're here too"
"I think I should also thank you"
"For staying by my side despite how silly and strange my story is"
"Despite proposing something as strange as coming to this world, follow me anyway"
"Because despite knowing that I have nothing, you are still by my side without asking for anything"
"Thank you very much for supporting me Tama"
"Very well it would be better to start eating that cake and see how good it is!"Bookmark here

"I agree!!"She answered with her usual smile.Bookmark here

As we both started eating, the doorbell rang, someone has just entered, although I want to turn to look just to make sure it is not someone armed, just because of my habit as a soldier, but surely it is just a client And worst case scenario I still have a gun anyway. There is no way something bad is going to happen right now, so I should just enjoy this calm couple of minutes.Bookmark here

The girl who attended us went to greet whoever just entered and began to speak.Bookmark here

"Good afternoon Mrs. Adelis!"
"I hope you had a good day at the office today"
"Come on in!"
"I'm almost closing the store"
"They only need to finish eating the two girls at that table and we will have everything ready for you to fix the kitchen oven"Bookmark here

Wait a second that name is not Japanese and it is quite similar to..Bookmark here

"Although I was actually thinking that maybe it would be better to change it for a more modern one"
"You better call and tell them not to come fix it, we will buy the other"
"Well, if they repair it, it may be damaged again in a few days."
"And I don't want to waste my time with it"Bookmark here

[choking sounds]Bookmark here

What the hell!?
That is a voice I do know
Is it possible?
There is no other if she also has the same nameBookmark here

I turned my head to see if it really was, and as soon as I saw it, I even felt as if all of a sudden what was around me was a lie. I could not believe what I just saw with my eyes that I was also about to cry.It seemed that Tamamo noticed quite how I felt because as soon as she saw me she knew that something had happened and asked.Bookmark here

"Are you okay?"
"You look even paler than you already are"
"And that's rare enough coming from you"Bookmark here

"I can not believe it"
"Those damn angels had already anticipated that this would happen"
"That's why they left us here near"Bookmark here

"Who is she?"
"Did you know her?"Bookmark here

"I know her a lot"
"And in fact you better treat her well"
"That person is Adelis"
"She's my mother"Bookmark here

She was a lady in her late thirties, perhaps, because in reality she was well preserved, she had straight black hair and was dressed in a very formal dress, without a doubt a business woman of those who run others.She was talking to the clerk and seemed not to have noticed us.Bookmark here

"She is your mother!" Tama said happily
"So what are you waiting to invite her to come here!"
"Excuse me" Tamamo stood up and began to speak out loud
"Madam, don't you want to join us?"
"We have several things to discuss with you!"
"Over here!"Bookmark here

"Sorry, is there anything I can help you with?" She turned to see us, stopped for a second when she saw us and continued talking.
"I don't think we know each other"Bookmark here

"Please have a seat over here" Tamamo kept insisting.Bookmark here

"You have my attention"
"What do you need?"she walked over to where we were.Bookmark here

"Are you really Adelis?"
"Are you Cesar's mother?"Bookmark here

My mother stopped for a moment when she heard her and had a surprised face similar to mineBookmark here

"Did you meet him?"
"Have you ever been with him?" she asked quickly.Bookmark here

"It's correct!"
"He has helped me a lot"
"I think if it weren't for him I wouldn't know what could have happened to me in my future"Bookmark here

My mother seemed to be on the verge of crying as Tama talked to her. I for my part did not know what to do, if to start talking or better to hide under the table, I was completely paralyzedBookmark here

"I'm glad to hear that"
"Did you really see it?"
"How long ago was that"
"What did my son do for you?"
"Could you tell me?"
"Do you happen to know what happened to him?"
"I keep asking questions non-stop"
"It's just a long time since I knew anything about him"
"And when the news came that him ..."
"I just want to know what he managed to do"
"Seeing that he was able to save someone is enough for me"
"Do you think you can tell me how he helped you?"Bookmark here

"I have something better!"
"What if he tells you himself!" Tamamo points to me as soon as she stopped talking.Bookmark here

"Hi, how are you" I respond as timidly and calmly as possible due to the embarrassment.Bookmark here

My mother goes blank when she sees me, her face rapidly changing from melancholy to fury in a matter of seconds. And how would I blame her, even I feel bad about this whole ridiculous situation.Bookmark here

"Ladys!!"she was on her feet in less than a second
"This kind of jokes are not made to someone who lost her son"
"You should never play with people's hearts!"
"And please take off those ears, they look ridiculous"
"We are already closing!"
"Please get out of here soon as possible!"Bookmark here

"But ma'am"
"You must know your son is alive!"
"Is here!"
"You must believe us!" Tama tried to keep her with us.Bookmark here

I had to do something, I couldn't leave this as it was. I finally meet my mother after the news reached her that I had died. How devastating can that be in a person, especially in her who had already lost the person she also loved. I wanted to keep my promise that I would reunite with my family again, hell that's why I'm here right now despite all the nonsense that has happened to me. I want to talk to her, I want to tell her that here I am, alive, not to cry for me anymore.
But how would I do something like that?I say something to her, how is she waiting, am I Cesar?. I don't think she believes me with that, it's stupid. I have to do something stronger, something that only our family would know, something that without a doubt she would know that I really am.Bookmark here

"That's enough of this!" My mother screamed.Bookmark here

"In..." I tried to raise my voice to speak.
"At Maria's party there were some very good breads"
"They were so rich that I remember they even asked for them so much that they ran out right away"
"We thought they were made by chefs for the party"
"But it turned out that you did them"
"Such was our surprise that Maria dropped the plate that had the dough and was completely covered"
"She even looked like a ghost"
"And when we took her to her cabin in the woods, Uncle Jose got so scared that she ended up breaking a glass door in the castle trying to escape"
"It was so much damage that an ambulance ended up arriving"
"And the paramedics when they asked what happened they did not stop laughing"
"Even Maria came to believe that there really were ghosts despite being her fault"Bookmark here

"How do you know that story?"
"Who told you?"
"Was him?"
"Was Cesar?"
"Answer to me!"Bookmark here

"I was there when it all happened"Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

Very well, there i go.Bookmark here

"I'm Cesar"
"The same one who was on that occasion"
"Your son"Bookmark here

"Is that true?"She looked into my eyes with a serious face.Bookmark here

"I know it's VERY hard to believe"
"But it's true"
"I swear"
"I'm Cesar"Bookmark here

She looked me completely up and down. I have no idea what she is thinking right now, but I know that when she makes that face it is that she is planning to do something.Bookmark here

"What color was the house before painting it for the third time?"She asked quickly with the same serious face.Bookmark here

"Orange with white edges, which I still wonder why they changed them later for red ones" I answered without hesitation.Bookmark here

"What was the weapon of the case that almost ended Rafael's career?"Bookmark here

"It was an old cordless phone even though the victim eventually drowned.Was certainly quite strange what happened, I don't blame him for almost losing the case several times."Bookmark here

"And of your father's temporary permission?"Bookmark here

"It was never temporary. You made sure he got a permanent place"Bookmark here

My mother changed her face again. She is crying now, quite a bit in fact. She slowly approached me and hugged me.Bookmark here

"What the hell is this possible?
"Is it some kind of strange dream?"
"Shouldn't you be dead?"
"I myself take care of your funeral!"
"That was almost a year ago!"
"What the heck was what happened to you?"
"How did you end up like this?"
"You have many things to explain!"Bookmark here

"Yes I know"
"I'll tell you everything!"
"Thanks for believing me"
"Mom" I told her while also hugging her, I think her could hardly hear me, because I think I was crying too.I know.Bookmark here

"And who is she?"
"You said that Cesar had saved you"
"Is that also true?"she asked to TamaBookmark here

"That's right!"
"But the best thing is to talk while we eat!"
"Being with the family everything is better"Bookmark here

"I already called them about the oven" the employee appeared talking
"They told me then they will come tomorrow to install it"
"But it probably takes all day
"What should we do?"Bookmark here

"Tell them it's okay, no problem"
"We will not have tomorrow"
"And please close the store now, I don't want anyone to interrupt me right now, I'm on something very important"
"And please bring several of those leftover cakes, today is quite a special day"
"Go ahead and try everyone who wants!"
"I want to know what you think of them!"Bookmark here

"Thanks a lot!" Tama immediately appreciated the food that she brought to her.Bookmark here

And so we spent my mother, Tama and I talking about everything that had happened to us so far. About why I had been in the war against the empire, about the angels, about codex, about Tamamo I think I did not keep a single secret from her, I did not want to have any more, I do not want to bear the weight of being hiding something from her again.It certainly took us a long time to update her on everything.It was also quite a complicated job for someone who did not know anything, in addition to seeing how it happened to stop to ask about almost everything, to directly give up and simply accept all the crazy things that had happened to us. And even though it was quite late, we only had time to talk about our side of the story. I also wanted to ask her about what she has been doing all this time, because the fact that she was in Japan was no coincidence, she must have been here with something in mind, but that will be later.
Bookmark here

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