Chapter 35:

Police Investigation

Valkyria Squadron

February 10Bookmark here

The inspector was in the working room of the Gesell Chamber, the interrogation room used by the police, on the other side of the glass was one of the most powerful men in the world, Mr. Damien Raven. He was sitting in one of the chairs answering quite relaxed the questions that were asked, next to him was his lawyer paying attention to the entire interrogation process. because it was Damien himself who went personally to the police station to answer questions about what had happened on Friday.Bookmark here

But although the interrogation was going nowhere, the inspector did not stop observing the smallest detail of what was happening on the other side of the glass. Well, he knew that all this was nothing more than a pantomime to divert his attention from what was really happening. He had no evidence, but also no doubts. He knew that the person on the other side was responsible to some degree for what happened to the granddaughter that he swore to protect.Bookmark here

The ISC seemed to have worked quite well on his excuse and although he wanted to focus his investigation on the possible fault of the company, his superiors had been pressured not to bother the company, because although his snow had been a victim of what happened to his bosses They claimed that this very fact was clouding their judgment and the investigation. They even threatened that he could lose his position if he continued to bother the I.S.C without convincing evidence to the contrary.Bookmark here

Unable to keep holding back his anger, he left the room at the same time that he closed the door behind him with such force that he was heard even in the interrogation room. Mr. Yamamoto was impatient to find something he could use to prosecute those he believed were primarily responsible. But he had almost nothing to work with, he only had the reports that he himself wrote about the shooting, the bodies of several dead who had entered the country illegally according to the government, and the testimony of his granddaughter who seemed to have no good memory. This was of course only what he could say he knew, he actually knew a little more but could not say anything about it.Bookmark here

But how could he explain that he got to the scene of the shooting so fast because he was investigating the place on his own for a friend? Mrs. Adelis had called him a couple of days before asking for some information about the place because she believed that her daughter who had disappeared could be there. The inspector had also been asked to investigate the car that attacked them when they arrived and that caused the subsequent chase on the highway because apart from opening fire on the police, he was also required by the ISC for having attacked their facilities at the request of Damien a change of the interrogation, which the government superiors accepted without the inspector's consent. He knew that even the security minister knew or had something to do with all this, but he didn't want to say anything to him. The only reason he was not so concerned about the car and the chase is that the inspector could see the passengers who were in it and among them, he could see Mrs. Adelis and her granddaughter Haru. And seeing that not long after they even delivered her over to a police station, he thought she had reasons for her team to open fire on the police, so he believed in her, at least more than he believed in his superiors or at the I.S.C.Bookmark here

When the inspector arrived at his office he began to review again the security videos that he could get from the I.S.C. But no matter how much he reviewed them, the videos did not show him any new information. All were from cameras in the suburbs or with some technical problems in terms of image quality. The few cameras that could be useful were destroyed in the first moments of the shooting by someone who seemed to be out of sight. It seemed that even the videos were personally edited so as not to be useful. There was no reason not to believe that the people responsible for that was once again the much-mentioned company. No matter how much he thought about everything he would always lead to the same point.Bookmark here

On a coffee break and trying to clear his mind a bit, the inspector went to a store near the police station, it was a fairly famous restaurant store, quite popular with young people. His own granddaughter had told him about the place so he thought of visiting the place personally and giving her a chance. Although he thought that the prices were a bit high, he thought that the atmosphere itself was why people came. The older man got carried away a bit and even went to a table to drink his coffee and enjoy the quiet for a moment. But work found him first when out of nowhere a young woman came to the same table as him. She was quite pretty, dressed elegantly, and brought several large books with her, but just by looking at them, you understood that they were educational. The inspector knew her, she was Adelis's errand girl, he knew that if she was here it was no coincidence and that it is until now that she was able to approach him without danger to be discovered. Bookmark here

She didn't say a single word she just sat down and started working on one of the books she brought. She then put a cell phone on the table, it was black and quite well cared for, so much so that it even seemed completely new, the kind that a girl would not have without a case, sticker, or some accessory. Shortly after the phone began to ring, I was receiving a call. But the girl didn't flinch at the sound, she didn't even bother to see if she answered the phone. The Inspector realized then that this call was actually for him, so without saying anything he also picked up the phone and answered the call.Bookmark here

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"Mr. Yamamoto, how are you?" Asked a woman on the other end of the phoneBookmark here

"I'm fine, but I think it's more important to ask about your condition after what happened, Mrs. Adelis"Answered the older manBookmark here

"Don't worry about it, I should be the one to actually apologize for what happened"
"I'm sorry that one of my agents opened fire on your people, but the team that carried out the rescue operation had orders to stop at nothing until they took me to safety"
"So even if I tried to stop them it didn't work"Bookmark here

"Well to some degree I can understand why they did it"
"But on the other hand you must also understand why the police exist in the first place" Said the man with gray hair.Bookmark here

"It was a desperate situation, had it not been for the timely intervention of my son, I did not think I could have gotten out of there alive"Bookmark here

That last sentence left Mr. Yamamoto completely stunned. Well, he was close to Mrs. Adelis, enough to know what happened to him. He well he was even as an escort for her during her funeral. But she was not a weak-minded person, because if she were like that she would never have gotten the position she had. So it was strange that she thought that her dead child had saved her. It was probably because of the shock of the incident that perhaps she is still not as calm as she appears.Bookmark here

"Are you okay?"
"Remember that you can always count on my help if you need to speak to someone"Asked the old man concerned about the mental state of his friend.Bookmark here

"I'm fine, do not worry"
"Don't take so much importance on what I just said" The lady corrected when she saw the little slip she just made.
"Even though you're right"
"Talking to a friend is just what I need right now"Bookmark here

"All right"
"I imagine it must be important to such an unorthodox method to call me"Bookmark here

"I think you already have an idea of what is happening"
"But let me at least tell you my side of the story" Said the lady
"First of all, it turns out our suspicions were true, in that place they held my daughter"
"It was undoubtedly the I.S.C"
"And just as I was afraid they were using her as bait to lure me to a place where they could hold me, as just happened on Friday"
"Thanks to the team that I managed to form, they managed to rescue me in just one hour"
"And it is precisely for that time that I am still alive"
"I will be direct with the following"
"The I.S.C wanted to kill me and remove my body from the country so that they would not find it together with my daughter once she was no longer useful to them"
"Your granddaughter was part of his plan because sooner or later the problem would undoubtedly reach the police"
"So they wanted to use it from tallow too to have control of you too"
"It is almost a miracle that we managed to escape from such a problem thanks only to how quickly my saviors acted with the little information they had"
"But we still have no idea why they were trying to do all this"
"But it is clear that if they planned to hurt people as important as us, it can only mean that they are not afraid of the repercussions of their actions"Bookmark here

The inspector was completely silent throughout his friend's explanation. He knew that even though it seemed like she was trying to blame that company himself, he knew that all the information was pointing to them as well. Besides he knew his friend too, she was not someone who did something without deliberately thinking about it several times before doing anything. He knew almost with certainty that she was probably right now reading the notes about what she was saying from some notebook with her glasses on.Bookmark here

"The government and Mr. Damien must have an agreement of some kind and they are working on this together"
"That alone would explain why they try so hard to get you to leave them alone and the efforts to divert your attention from them"
"But if they have not completely detained you, it does not mean that the I.S.C was the one who made the big mistake and the government just wants not to get caught up in what might happen"
"What I'm looking for is to find out what they were doing, destroy it, and find a way that they don't bother us again"
"But for that, I need allies, because all this is personal"
"There is nothing from the alliance or any government"
"Just a mother worried about her daughter"Bookmark here

The inspector looked around as she spoke, looked around the people happy. There were no concerned faces on the faces of the young people who were in the restaurant. All of them ignoring what could actually be happening in the shadows. Among a group of girls who were also enjoying a coffee he saw the face of a particular girl, he did not know her, but her hairstyle and way of dressing reminded him a lot of his granddaughter. She was one more victim of the events and like him right now, he couldn't do much to protect her without ruining her options and future studies.Bookmark here

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"What do you need?" asked the old man in a serious toneBookmark here

"If we want to catch the I.S.C we need them to stop being on guard about what they are doing"
"We need them to believe that they are safe"
"So I require you to say that this whole case is just leading nowhere"
"With that, the government and Brandon will think that they got away with it and will continue what they were doing as normal"
"I do not think that your superiors scold or bother you for that since there was almost no media impact and that it also benefits them that you stop investigating about it"Bookmark here

What she asked for was not easy. Leave her granddaughter's captors unpunished of hers? Let others do her job and turn a blind eye to what happened. Being perhaps an accomplice of more violent actions that will appear later. And although the old man's mind was not pure because he was also responsible for similar things, it was those same actions that he was trying to mend now that he could. He wanted to leave a record that his granddaughter would look at and be proud of. But for that, he had to leave his past behind and let him die. And at the same time, if he did not seek allies in the population, his granddaughter would once again be a victim of that cruel and unjust world that is below the surface.Bookmark here

"And what do I win?" said the inspector.Bookmark here

They were the words he always said when a new job came to him. Some almost regulatory words if he wanted to keep the job he had before because depending on the answer it would be worth or not the risk that would always come next The same words that I thought he would not say again once he became a police officerBookmark here

"Well we know that your granddaughter can be a target again"
"So I thought that apart from a mutual collaboration"
"We can help you keep Haru safe"
"My team has the perfect excuse to be close to her, and if they become friends with her, then without a doubt we could ensure that she will almost always be accompanied by people capable of defending her"
"Basically I offer you two of her classmates as her bodyguards"Bookmark here

The old man was once again surprised by what his friend was suggesting. In the beginning, he thought that maybe our granddaughter's teacher, the same girl who was next to hers at the table would be the one who could watch her. But if she said that they are two of her classmates, it means that they must be quite young, and therefore inexperienced. Besides the improbability of her finding people for such a job.Bookmark here

"I know it sounds a little crazy but believe me"
"But I can personally assure you that they are quite capable and reliable"
"I love them almost like my own children"Bookmark here

That filled the inspector with doubts about who these people could be. And he was right because in case he accepted such an agreement he would have to trust them to protect his granddaughter.Bookmark here

"And how can I be sure they are trustworthy?" asked the old policeman.Bookmark here

"Well you've already seen them in action"
"They were both the same people who rescued me from my kidnapping"
"The same kidnapping that I managed to get your daughter out of on Friday"Bookmark here

"The white girl?" said the old manBookmark here

The inspector recalled what had happened that day and how the car that shot him had several occupants, but apart from his daughter and his old friend, there was someone even more striking in that car. A little girl almost completely white was driving him. Because it was she who shot the police almost immediately without hesitation. Someone without a doubt fierce before his enemies. The one responsible for all this problem reaching the hands of the police and that he could meet his granddaughter safely. The same person was responsible for leaving several almost soldiers dead that now the government and the I.S.C were trying to hide.Bookmark here

"So have you already seen it?" said Adelis.
"Well I imagine that your daughter has already told you about hers two strange new classmates"
"The girl with fox ears and the Albin girl"
"Those two are the people who rescued me and the ones who would protect your granddaughter again if necessary"
"So what do you think?"
"I can trust in you?"Bookmark here

But even with that, the inspector doubted whether or not to accept his friend's proposal. For although he could intuit how effective they could be, they were still unknown to him. And if they were to be responsible for Haru they would have to be someone he could fully trust.Bookmark here

"You don't have to answer me right now"
"Go ahead take a few days to think about it"
"I just wanted to update you on what happened and remind you that you are not alone in this"
"Keep the phone, we do not know if your other phones are being monitored but it is better to prevent"
"I also invite you to come to my store again"
"I even got him a good name"
"The White Moon cafe"
"Doesn't that sound great?" said the lady with a smile that could be seen even on the phoneBookmark here

"I appreciate it"
"Thank you" Mr. Yamamoto responded to the gesture of kindness Bookmark here

Right after the call was hung up and the inspector got up from the table to go back to work. He knew that even if he agreed to the deal or not it would not finish his job. Less now that he had even more things to do because his interest had now completely changed for the aforementioned girl. The inspector wanted to know first-hand who he was dealing with and see if he was capable of protecting the person most valuable to him.Bookmark here

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