Chapter 36:

Calm Time

Valkyria Squadron

Monday's classes have just finished, I was finishing picking up my things from the desk, Tamamo was talking with Maria. While Haru seemed to be arguing with Yamada as he liked to be the center of attention during classes, he tried to interrupt others with some kind of bad cheer, he is really annoying if you ask me.Bookmark here

The truth is that I did not think that I would have to keep coming to school after meeting Maria, but it seems that if we want to be able to investigate the I.S.C we need the help of Haru's grandfather, and to achieve that we have to make sure we keep her safe, So it seems that I will have to continue attending classes for a long time.Bookmark here

After rescuing her from the kidnapping, it seems that my mother took more seriously about being better prepared, as she asked me to make a list of the things she might need in case I got into shooting again. So knowing that it would be difficult to achieve what I would like, I preferred to ask for simpler things, for example, if we continue working here in Tokyo a conventional assault rifle is too much firepower, so a submachine gun should be more than enough because the most of the fights that could happen would be indoors. Another thing I asked was to try to get bulletproof vests, preferably small to be able to camouflage them between clothes, although they were impossible to wear with the school uniform, it would never hurt to have them on hand when they may be needed.Bookmark here

One of the most important things that I asked for and that I liked to have as soon as possible was new shoes, because I realized that I have a serious disadvantage, my height. I know with my new body I am much smaller than before, now I am even much smaller than most people, I tried not to give it too much importance, but when I was driving the stolen car I realized that it is a problem. I could barely use the pedals and see the road. If something like this happens again, I'm going to be in serious trouble again. So I asked for some platform shoes to be able to be taller, but they also had to be special, because if I had to run I would need them to be light, but at the same time, I also wanted them to be robust because the last thing I want is for them to fall apart during a fight. I knew they would be difficult to get to but I thought I was losing nothing by asking. But my mother, seeming to try to torment me, put me to measure next to my sister, and to my surprise, I saw that I am even smaller than my younger sister, then when I measured correctly they were surprised again when they saw that my height is one meter and thirty-eight centimeters. I was devastated, I was the size of a child. I thought Tamamo was tall because when I hugged her I barely reached her chest, but now I see that she is actually of average height. The worst part is knowing that that was all for me, I no longer had a way to grow anymore, because when Nanami died and this body lost its color it did not continue to age anymore. the body stayed just as she was until this day.Bookmark here

As for my sister, she lost all her things to go to school because she left them in a room in the port warehouse. But apart from the uniform, we did not think about buying them again as the school year was actually ending. So we say it better to buy the school materials for the following year. As for her room, there were still three unoccupied in her house so she dedicated herself to looking for things for her. And although at first, she held back on the price when my mother told her to ask for whatever she wanted, she made a 360 turn and began to ask for everything he saw on the internet that caught his attention, my mother and I tried not to make fun of what she so excitedly told us she wanted. From pink paint for her bedroom to a luxurious bed with curtains to a designer bedspread from a series of very famous wizard books that was taken to the movies. Maria seemed to be able to change a little outside of her and the way she acts in front of others. But as long as her liking for her magic remained the same, she had even started comparing brands of set tools for magic tricks.Bookmark here

When Tamamo was asked if she wanted to have her own room as well, she replied that she just wanted to sleep next to me, so she was already more than happy. In the things she needed, she asked my mother if she could get a high-quality paper, a traditional brush, and ink so she could make higher quality spells. The ones she currently had were restaurant napkins and a pencil that simply weren't made to hold spells or make talismans. Apparently, the better quality her tools were, the more magic she could put into them and make them stronger and different. Clearly, all our requests would take time to arrive, because I think that of all we asked for, weapons were the easiest to get.Bookmark here

As for our new mission, almost nothing interesting has happened. We have been watching Haru, and although she can be seen as more nervous than she before, she seems a pretty strong girl because despite what happened she showed up to class today as if nothing had happened. The news did not report that there was a kidnapping on the pier, so no one among her classmates suspected what she may have gone through, although remembering that she was unconscious almost all the time, she may not even remember well what happened. To whom you can see that if he is worried it is the inspector because today a police patrol came just to pick up Haru and take her home just after classes.Bookmark here

Since there wasn't much to do after school, we decided to go home early to enjoy an afternoon off. I finally started to use the computer and look for how many new video games I had missed in recent years and catch up with them. Tamamo stayed in the living room trying to watch cooking shows, as for Maria I don't know what she was doing, but some time later before our mother arrived she asked me to borrow the computer to do something. I couldn't figure out which one as she even took the chance to erase the entire browsing history. So it was clear that they didn't want anyone to know what she was doing.Bookmark here

For the night our mother made the food and then I began to tell more of my stories, such as the tests that had to be fulfilled to be an airplane pilot or you see that I was shot down in Italy and how I survived that. Mom also mentioned that she would like us to help her with the restaurant, although in our free time, and Tama, as she had seen in a show about maids cafe, accepted in exchange for one of those clothes. My mother accepted although her store was not of that style she thought she could attract people and get a little help. For my part, I refused because the next few days I would be busy painting Maria's room and assembling the furniture when they arrived.Bookmark here

On Tuesday the school was quite lively, as the girls did not stop talking about Thursday was February 14, Valentine's Day. They were all talking about who they would give chocolates to and if that was the person they loved. As soon as Tamamo heard that, the next thing she did when the classes were over was to run to the supermarket to buy everything she needed to make chocolates. It is also known that here in Japan there is also White Day, where the men who received the chocolates show their gratitude by giving white chocolate to the girls who gave them one on Valentine's Day. I for my part decided not to complicate it because Tama probably wants me to give her something on Valentine's Day too. But I thought about giving her something different so I thought about finding a teddy bear for her, maybe along with a couple of sweets of some kind. So I took advantage of the fact that she was not with Tamamo to find and separate him in a store. As for Maria, she accompanied me because I needed to find a teddy bear that the girls would like and she had to go through a print shop to get a book for her. Connecting those clues I could see that Maria tries to hide it she was trying to reprint that internet spellbook that she had when she was younger, but I kept quiet to avoid receiving any blow to the face. Bookmark here

Back at the house, my mother tried to teach Tama how to make chocolates, but if that wasn't enough my wife was also wearing the apron that Adelis would use to make her maid dress. When the inevitable happened we could hear the cry of despair over the chocolate stains that my mother would have to wash off Tama's apron.Bookmark here

For my part, remembering that February 14 was also the anniversary of the end of the war against dragons, I asked Tama to send a message to the angels, so that they would give me the Luna core that I had left them caring for when I left. to the war. I wanted to keep my promise to enlighten her with a world without dragons and what it was like to be part of a family. I had asked my father to get her an altar to put the core on and take care of her. I thought about putting it in the living room of this house because it is a much healthier environment than whatever my father is doing and the parties he holds. I would also like to visit Rose's grave, but I don't think it will be possible for me to pay or visit Russia at this time. Bookmark here

On Wednesday nothing remarkable happened either. The girls at school keep talking about tomorrow, the boys are trying to earn their chocolates by doing their best to be nice. Haru was again picked up from school by a police patrol after school, while the Inspector still hasn't said a single word about whether he will help us or not. After school Tama went to the coffee shop to continue practicing her cooking and helping my mother with Maria. For my part, I had a lot of work to do because I had to start working in Maria's room. Although now I was a girl, both I and my family decided to continue treating me the same as before, which includes me doing the heavy work and repair work in the house even though I am smaller now.Bookmark here

By night I managed to paint the room, but I still need to finish putting together some furniture. The bed that was the priority was very difficult to assemble, so much so that I even had to try it three times to finally understand how it was done. When I finished I was so tired that I barely had the strength to bathe and eat before falling exhausted in bed until the next day.Bookmark here

What I did not know was that the following day, February 14, Valentine's Day would be as disastrous as the previous ones, because although this year I try to overcome my past tragedies of this date, because some of my greatest misfortunes happened in this day, the new ones started very early. When while we were having breakfast, the doorbell rang, so my mother, thinking it was another delivery, went to open the door. Only for her and I to be surprised to see a crystal girl without clothes waiting on the other side, She had a large suitcase next to her as well as a smaller one in her hand, it was momo who was in front of my mother and making everything worse she was the first to speakBookmark here

"Hello, I am Cesar's wife, and I have come here so that he can take responsibility for what he did and If I can live with him" Said the crystal angel.Bookmark here

My mother immediately turned her head to where I was, with a smile on her face, but I knew that it was not a smile, it was the face of a raging demon with a thirst for blood and revenge. Kick in my self-preservation instinct, I immediately started running towards the nearest window, which I went through, breaking it when I jumped towards it. Then I started running down the street as fast as possible, but the moment I turned to see my mother I could only see the powerful legendary weapon with which Latin mothers manage to subdue even the strong of wills, destroy empires and teach values to their children, The Chancla. In a demonstration of authentic martial skill, my mother did a trick with her foot so as not to have to bend over her flip-flop, she took into account the distance, gravity, direction, and strength of the wind, the Coriolis effect and made the necessary corrections for the shot. After that, a sonic boom ran through the streets of the neighborhood until It found the head of her target, from which she hit me so hard and accurate that I lost consciousness and fell into the street. Bookmark here

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