Chapter 1:


The Awakening Of The Slumbering Deity

Finally, at the end of my accursed slumber. I can finally see the result of my hard work after these many years, probably many millennia. I can see everything the way I created it... I wonder if my children are protecting it well. I wonder what is happening in my most treasured creation. I wonder if my children are doing fine. I hope they are well. The descendants of me and my offspring's children may have tainted my beautiful creation or possibly slain their ancestors, Please be safe.

No more darkness, No more solitude, No more boredom.FINALLY! at last, I can see my creation with my own two eyes. After all this time, I can finally see my children again. I hope they remember me. Who am I kidding, of course, they can't, I've only seen them as an infant. So there's no way they can. Stop! Stop! you have finally awakened after so long.YOu are finally free. You can now enjoy your magnificent creation for the first time. Now let's admire this beauty. Even the abyss has a variety of colours. How times changed.Before exploring seeing what changed I'm just going to take in the wonderful scenery.

Would you look at that? looks like one of the many balls of many recourses has developed intelligent life. Isn't that the ball of resources made of dirt and rocks? hmm. oh, I see looks like the mana reserves on that ball of materials exceeds many of the know what? I'm going to give the balls of materials a name since it's weird calling them that. hmmm. I got it ill name it a planet. I don't know why it just feels right.wait.who am I talking to? There is no one here except me. I wonder... No matter it shouldn't matter all that much. Anyways let's go see how my little kids are doing, let's go see.