Chapter 0:

Patient #001

Mind Backup

Procedure: Eletroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) 
Performed by: (confidential information) 
Patient: #001 
Consent: The subject's consent was given by signing a chart containing all the risks of doing the procedure. 
Equipment Check: Every tool was checked prior to the procedure to make sure it was working properly. 
Procedure: Anesthesia was administered through IV to make the subject unconcious. Then electrodes were connected to his/her head and the ECT machine was turned on, sending a series of high current eletric shocks through the subject's brain in order to produce a seizure. While the machine was on, the subject's brain eletric activity was being monitored to prevent any type of problem. 
Post Procedure Observations: Everything worked as expected. The subject was sent home by a member of our organization before the anesthesia stopped taking effect. 
Follow-up plan: The subject needs to be observed without their knowledge for post-study purposes in order to help in further similar procedures.Bookmark here

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