Chapter 0:

Crimson moon


As the crimson Moon showed itself from the clouds illuminating the land even in the depths of the wilderness where a guy wearing White robe that been stain by a dark red colored liquid nailing in the ground, fidgeting something. Bookmark here

His entire body was covered with wounds, and near him there's a sword pointed in the ground. as he's moving his right hand making a simbol using the crimson colored liquid that coming from his wounds-Bookmark here

"Ugh" a blood vomit from his mouth. Bookmark here

in his surrounding there's many dead body's wearing armory scattered everywhere, along with blood's stain in the trees and uncount sword's scattered and pointed everywhere.Bookmark here

"Ugh—Hha,hha" the guy are getting difficulty to breath along with blood came out from his mouth, as he continues what his doing.Bookmark here

After a second he stopped, then raised his head stared at the crimson moon, then spoke.Bookmark here

"Ohh! i Alex van astria- His words stop as he try to catch his breath "one of the title holder as hero and current owner of the holy sword arcran and the first son of the lxx king of astria kingdom, king Vidcent van astria and queen Leonora. Call you, as I Willing to sell my soul and body to who may appear now, answer my call! sacrificial pact, magic—!" Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

A silence for second after the guy shout as like the time stop—yesBookmark here

The time really stopped after he shout, as the leaves that falling from the trees in his surroundings stopped in mid-air. then the symbol that he painted in the ground began to burn. but, the fired color was different, it's not the same bright orange but its black—time returns as the leaves that stop in the mid-air start to fall, furthermore the black fire has been extinguished and a hot steam flowing through the air can be seen.Bookmark here

After a second. the hot steam subsided and a man with black haired appeared in front of the guy.Bookmark here

The man was looking down so that causes to the guy wearing white robe to not see his face.Bookmark here

"Hha-hha...who might you be?" the guy asks the man in front of him while trying to catch his breathing.Bookmark here

The man raised his head and looked straight into the guy eyes. Their eye's lock, the guy wearing white robe showed a little frightened expression for what he saw.Bookmark here

red as blood with black dot in the middle that is what the guy sees when their eye's lock.Bookmark here

"You're so much desire made a bridge to summon me" the man speak looking down at the guy wearing white robeBookmark here

"You may know what the consequences about this"Bookmark here

"Yes—Ugh" the guy answer along with the blood stream from his mouth "just Fulfill….this pact and my d'isere"Bookmark here

"........."Bookmark here

A silence for a second. the man didn't respond to the guy'd answered, instead he keep staring at the guy eyes.Bookmark here

"Ugh" the blood continues to stream to the guy's mouth along from His wounds. but he'd just ignore it and stared to the man in return to his gaze waiting for the response-Bookmark here

"Then" the response that the guy waiting came out "I'll inherit that desire of you, to protect that someone. in exchange I'll devour you."Bookmark here

"Yes, I don't mind being in the abyss for eternity" the guy respondBookmark here

"Then"Bookmark here

"caw! caw! caw!" A cry of a thousand crows can be heard everywhere in the wilderness after that response from the man with red-eye's with black dot in the middle.Bookmark here



I am
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