Chapter 1:

The Umami Land Needs a New Manager

It's Too Bland to Serve This as Love

"Dilemma, a situation wherein there are two choices are extremely difficult, both with its consequences," stated from the dictionary I am holding.Bookmark here

I am Enomoto Chiaki, your hot and intelligent main character for this story. Oh~ Perfection is the best adjective you can say towards me and I'll take it wholeheartedly. Everything is going to be smooth but the thing is…I AM POOR!Bookmark here

Let me be clear, we're not that poor since I can still eat 3-4 times a day. I mean, the luxury isn't an option for us. Anyway, I do not need any of that. I'm actually contented with what we have, for now. In fact, I am living alone in an apartment half a kilometre from my college. Convenient, right? I am also working at a computer store to earn my own money for my expenses. You all can feel the independence here, right?Bookmark here

The reason why I am living alone is that my home has been pretty far from my school and another is that I am annoyed to my dad since we've been moving for already seven times in 4 years. I still do not know what triggers him to change addresses.Bookmark here

What important is that I am free from any huge problems! The only trouble that I should worry about is if I still have spare underwear for use tomorrow.Bookmark here

<As I danced carefree, someone knocked on my door.>Bookmark here

Oh, a visitor this early?Bookmark here

"Sorry, but I didn't register to the daily newspape-"Bookmark here

"So the address was right, boys. This is Enomoto's son!" said by a grown man who suddenly entered my apartment.Bookmark here

"W…WHO ARE YOU ALL?!" I asked.Bookmark here

"We've spent the past 4 years finding for your dad. We got bored so we decided to look for you." said the guy. "Looks like the intel was right, you were living by yourself, eh?"Bookmark here

I…Is this the crime that has been spreading across the other countries?! I've heard this in the news, it is called the water bottle crime. Some thugs will enter the house of an unwary victim, usually males. The victim said was tied tightly, then a water bottle is going to be used to penetrate the a**! What a horrible crime! And that thing is going to happen to me now?! I should have had sealed my a**hole beforehand!Bookmark here


"Now, let's talk properly, boy," said the guy as he reveals a water bottle from his bag.Bookmark here

A…A water bottle…. Plus, it's a 1 liter variant! That's too large!Bookmark here

"P…Please, no! My hole is not that glorious!" I shouted.Bookmark here

"W…What are you talking about?" asked the guy in confusion.Bookmark here

"Aren't you going to stick it on my behind hole?"Bookmark here

"You've got some weird fetishes, dude," said the guy. "It's creepy."Bookmark here

You guys are the creepy ones since you entered my house! And why did it sound like I am asking for it?!Bookmark here

"W…What's the deal, then?" I asked.Bookmark here

"It seems you do not know your family's situation, eh?" said the guy. "Your dad has not been paying his debt for a few years. We need to settle the score now, since my boss hasn't been happy about him."Bookmark here

D…DAD?! DEBT?! WHAT IS THIS?!Bookmark here

"Tell him that if he can't pay soon enough, the gasoline inside this bottle will scorch your apartment while you are sleeping," said the guy. "Then, we'll kill him after we have eliminated you."Bookmark here

I…Is this a threat?!Bookmark here

"And oh, don't you call the police since he was the one at fault here. If he pays us soon enough, then we wouldn't do anything." said the guy. "By the way, call me Matsudaira."Bookmark here

I didn't ask for your name, sir!Bookmark here

"Here's my calling card, if you have any plans on how to pay the debt," added Matsudaira. "Goodbye, kid. I hope our next meeting would be the last."Bookmark here

Ah, they finally left.Bookmark here

I need to phone my dad about this.Bookmark here

"Hello, Dad." I spoke.Bookmark here

"Yes, Chiaki. Something the matter?" answered my old man.Bookmark here

"Something the matter, my butt! Dad, why didn't you tell me that you have this kind of debt or whatsoever?!"Bookmark here

"Oh, so you already know," he answered.Bookmark here

"Well, some debt collectors threatened that they'll kill us both if we didn't pay it!"Bookmark here

"What?! They knew your location?!" he answered. "Y…You should move out!"Bookmark here

W…What a coward.Bookmark here

"No, we will not run this time," I said. "We should face it."Bookmark here

"B…But…!" he answered.Bookmark here

"No buts, Dad. We'll solve this problem," I said. "For starters, how much was it? The debt, I mean."Bookmark here

Knowing Dad, it shouldn't exceed five zeros.Bookmark here

"Ten million yen, Chiaki," he answered.Bookmark here

Mom~ Guess I'll be following you soon in the heavens~Bookmark here

"TEN MILLION?! What the hell were you doing, old man?!" I said.Bookmark here

"Don't be so mad, Chiaki," he answered. "I used it for our own good."Bookmark here

"F…For our own good? How?"Bookmark here

"This dude offered me that I should invest money to him and it will increase by 30% in the span of three months," he revealed. "So…I did it."Bookmark here

"Ever heard the word scam, dad?!" I screamed. "My goodness, this is a disaster. Mom's soul will eventually come back just to scream at you!"Bookmark here

"Well, I'm sorry. I got baited by such a good offer," he answered.Bookmark here

"How much did you even invest in the first place?" I asked.Bookmark here

"About 60% of it," he answered.Bookmark here

AH, WE ARE SO DEAD. Should I fight but I would have a stressful life? Or should I just give up and be buried instead? Ugh, this is a dilemma to me!Bookmark here

"D…Dad, we should just commit seppuku now. We are ultimately dead."Bookmark here

"C…Calm down, Chiaki," he replied. "Using the 40% of it, I constructed a family restaurant that should have been our main business but…"Bookmark here

A family restaurant? I haven't heard of this either.Bookmark here

"The earning hasn't been good, according to the one who I assigned as manager there," he said. "It's almost close on being shut down."Bookmark here

Is my dad being chased by bad luck?Bookmark here

"Now, I don't know how to pay them so I'm just running away," he said. "I'm sorry, my son."Bookmark here

Then it came to me, the idea of utilizing on what he invested for real.Bookmark here

"Dad, there's still hope," I said.Bookmark here

"E…Eh?" he answered.Bookmark here

"Our restaurant, I'll run it," I declared. "If I can run the business at perfection, then we can pay them consistently, am I wrong?"Bookmark here

"C…Chiaki, my son!!" he cried. "I…I'll leave it up to you, then."Bookmark here

Wow, he's really sobbing.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I got this," I said. "Just send me the address later."Bookmark here

"Yes, son. Apparently, it's somehow close to your apartment so you shouldn't have any trouble going there," he said.Bookmark here

"That's good, then." I replied.Bookmark here

He ends the call with his tone from being discouraged to being slightly optimistic.Bookmark here

Aagh, this is going to be troubling.Bookmark here

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