Chapter 0:



What is she doing?

Grace was reading a book when she noticed that she hadn't heard any other noise around. Now that might seem normal but the old strange warehouse she was currently locked in was inhabited by the person who kidnapped and brought her here, who was quite loud. That's right. Grace was kidnapped and has been staying in this warehouse for the past two months. And she knows her captor quite well too.

Her captor is none other than the crazy cannibal girl, Aimu. She appeared about three or four months ago, depending on what people believe, and started eating people. A few of the people that survived her assault were horribly scarred and refused to talk. The ones who did say it was a mutant and not...and some say she is a clown? All in all, it was a crazy girl with a wacky outfit. Of course, that can't be possible as there aren't any smart mutants...right?

Rumors started spreading about this new killer and the public demanded answers which the government did not have. Thi new killer was never brought to justice. But the worst part about this killer? She hunts down the survivors. They never got away. She lets them, and when they are their usual self again or when she just feels like it, or maybe her victim is about to get out of her grasp, she strikes again. She sometimes kills the ones closest to her victim and not always after she killed her intended target. She is a nightmare that keeps everyone on edge even more so than the mutants. But Grace knows the truth about her. She should since Aimu is the one who kidnapped her.

She was looking up from her book and saw it. A cute but weird sight. Aimu on her knees, arms and head on the table, and a pouty look on her face. She was staring directly at Grace staying completely silent. No heartbeat or anything.

That's because she doesn't have a working heart and doesn't need to breathe. The girl in front of me is already dead.

Her skin was a little bit grey and white and her right eye had no eye in it but was just a torn and empty eye socket with a ragged claw mark under her right eye. A glowing orange eye-shaped light was her eye. Her other eye was normal but pink that glowed too. Stitches were all over her, mainly her upper torso, neck, and her mouth which was full of sharp teeth. Her hands were small but her fingernails were claws, black and red, and with a gleam that will put any blade to shame. They were thick and long too. Each claw had serrated edges except for her thumbs. Her feet were medium-sized for gripping onto things with razor-sharp black and red claws and an extra-long claw on her heel that acts like a gripping and balancing...thing? It helps her balance and grabs. Needless to say that she is far from normal.

That doesn't include what other strange things she has. An immeasurable amount of strength, speed, agility, cuteness, sense of smell, hearing, heat sensors, regeneration, and is somewhat stupid. Actually, she is stupid enough that a child can be smarter than her, and her knowledge of the world is even worse than a sheltered rich girl.

And then there is her dress which is a funky purple and raspberry color which is torn and stained red in blood. There were some black stripes on the dress as well but mainly around Aimu's neck. The dress glittered and shined even when there is little to no light unless Aimu doesn't want it to. Grace is confused at this as well. Aimu defies logic in so many more ways as well. Her skin gets hard and more defensive the happier or elated she is. She is immune to fire and ice, as in freezing temperatures don't bother her or taking a lava bath...which she did when she took Grace to an active volcano one day for yet another reason Grace doesn't know.

How does that make me bright?

Grace has wanted to die for some time now. So when Aimu found her again after she let Grace go, Grace fully well expected to die. Yet instead, Aimu just stared at her before pouting and saying,

"Why!? Is there something wrong with me? Is there something wrong with you? Why Aren't You Bright!? You Just Got WORSE After I Let You GO!"

She then kidnapped Grace in order to make her brighter and eat her. That was two months ago. Aimu had vowed that she would eat Grace no matter what. She would make Grace the best piece of candy she ever had. She would be her prized piece and she would be delicious. Grace learned early on why Aimu eats people and animals. She thinks they're candy. That's it. She is delusional and because she is undead, she doesn't suffer from eating raw human meat. Aimu also doesn't even know the meaning of despair or fear. She just likes the scent of it and that is why she terrifies people. Even letting her prey go was all just so she could get more of that brightness and despair scent.

Brightness is something Aimu has yet to explain and something Grace has yet to grasp. Aimu just says she can see it. The brighter someone is, the more color they have as well, the tastier they are. The sweeter they are are Aimu's actual words. Sweet.

Yeah, I guess that is one word to describe my time with Aimu. I'm actually having some fun. I just don't get why Aimu hasn't eaten me yet. Aimu never lies and never breaks a promise. So why? How do I get brighter? What do I do to get Aimu to eat me? Right now I'm just being a burden to her. I must be. That is why she is making that face right now. She's disappointed.

Grace hid her face with her book and let out a small smile. She knows that Aimu doesn't like her but at least she is trying to give her worth. And Grace likes how Aimu can still blush even if she is undead. Even right now Aimu is blushing. Hmm? How come her eyes are narrowing? Does she know?

Grace stopped smiling and prepared herself for death. Yet Aimu just stared at her. Grace met her eyes and for a long time, they stared at each other. Of course, Grace had to blink first since Aimu didn't need to blink. When she did, Aimu pumped her fist in the air and hissed "Yes!".

Aimu smiled, showing her sharp teeth.

"Beat ya."

"Oh. Yeah, I guess you did beat me. Good for you."

Grace let out a small smile at Aimu. Instead of getting happy like she normally does when Grace smiles, Aimu cocks her head, her way of saying that she is confused, before frowning. She always frowns when she realizes Grace's smile was fake. However, this time Grace was smiling for real. Didn't Aimu want to make Grace happy so she can eat her? At least that is what Grace assumed. She started fake smiling a while ago but Aimu always saw through it. When she stopped Aimu still kept hanging out with her, trying to show her happy things and ruining them in a cute and disturbing way, mainly because she has no experience with things herself and she sees people as candy and says disturbing things because of it.

Grace remembered when they went to a park once and a little girl walked up to Aimu, no older than six, and asked if Aimu was a zombie. Aimu told her that she was an undead who likes candy. When the girl asked what kind Aimu went into great detail about how she loves bright and sweet candy and how she likes to rip them open and spread their sweet juice all over and how she likes to cut off their screams since it hurts her ears and bothers her and how she loves the scent the other candy make from eating candy in front of them. She then told the child, "I bet your mother and father are tasty since you look sweet."

Even if the child was six Grace was pretty sure she knew that Aimu was talking about eating people. She swiftly walked away, looking on the verge of tears. Yeah, Aimu definitely didn't fit into society. Her looks aside Grace had a feeling that she would scar any who talked to her. She also would have to work at a fast-food joint since that is a job that doesn't require you to have much in the IQ section. Besides, Aimu is pretty much cheerful all the time and is quite cute.

"Why do I have the feeling that you are thinking bad things about me again?"

`Grace figured it would be best to stop thinking about Aimu now. Thinking about Aimu is probably the last thing Aimu wants Grace to do. All that she wants from Grace is to be bright and sweet so she can eat her. Nothing else.

The truth though is much different than what Grace is thinking. Aimu, a girl who only had trouble once, was in trouble again. This time by the girl in front of her.

Why? Why is she only thinking of dying again!?

When Aimu first saw Grace she was weirded out by how pretty she thought Grace's eyes looked. Then disgusted by how bitter and dull she was. How could someone be that dull!? It makes no sense! And after Aimu let Grace go she continued watching Grace for a while and instead of getting better, Grace got worse. Aimu couldn't take it anymore and confronted Grace. After she did she just found herself frustrated over Grace's attitude and took her to her home base to make her bright so she could eat her. A Flawless plan!

Not long afterward, Aimu found herself starting to grow attached to Grace and even like her. Then one day when Grace was about to be killed by some random candy, Aimu saved her and vowed to eat Grace. Now comes the problem. Aimu started feeling something when she thought, interacted, and even looked at Grace. She had no clue what it was but she liked Grace more than she liked hunting, which most definitely wasn't right. After digging around some bit and talking to some candies, Aimu found the answer, and it shocked her.

I'm in love with Grace.

How!? Impossible!? Even now Aimu found it difficult to accept that. Yet when she thought of being lovers with Grace, even if she doesn't know what the term means, she found herself becoming excited and enthralled at the idea. Aimu quickly shook her head clear of those thoughts.

NO No no! It must be the idea of making her my precious and most prized candy! Yes! That's it. It must be…yet….

Aimu thought of eating Grace as she did the others and felt disgusted at the very idea. She would never be able to bring herself to eat Grace. Yet the vow she made cannot be broken. She never breaks vows and if she did she would be horrified at herself. So how can Aimu get past her vow?

Well, that doesn't mean that I love her. And Grace cannot know that I don't plan to eat her just yet. If she does she might get someone else to kill her. I do plan to eat her since I made the vow but not until I get these stupid feelings out. Besides, I can't see if she is bright or not but I can tell from her smell that she isn't as sweet as other candies are. She must not be bright.

Happy at her conclusion, Aimu starts worrying about the other problem that she is having with Grace. She wants to die. She wants Aimu to kill her. Of course, Aimu won't do it. She wants her happiness too! And she isn't bothered by making sure Grace doesn't have it in order to have hers. No one has ever taught Aimu any morals or values. Just called her a freak. That probably is another reason why Aimu ended up the way she is now, an insane serial killer. Aimu once talked to a knight before and he exploded when he learned that the reason Aimu was killing people was because she thought they were candy or sweets in other words, and not because she wanted revenge or worked for an evil wizard or anything of the sort. When no one talks to you but just runs or tries to kill you, even you wouldn't assume that you should feel bad for hurting/hunting them. No interactions other than trying to kill her or fleeing have led Aimu to a life where she doesn't understand anything about why she shouldn't kill and eat, or undead life really.

"Say, Grace, why don't you do something besides read? That's all you ever do."

"What else is there to do?"

Aimu narrowed her eyes. She was annoyed now. What fun activities could she do to make Grace bright and sweet? Aimu didn't feel like hunting and watching Grace, while interesting and embarrassing, was getting boring, and she and her siblings hate being bored.

"I don't know. Talk to me."

The last time Aimu said that Grace asked why. That pissed her off for some reason and she left to go hunting. Though it is true. For some reason, Aimu started thinking that killing her best friend and planning to eat her as well gave Aimu no right to talk to Grace. Yet this time Grace stayed silent for a minute and hid her face. Aimu cocked her head, her right eye turning a curious green color. But instead of pressing on Aimu stayed silent and waited. She was very patient, unlike her other siblings. She could wait for hours listening in on a conversation until they said something that she wanted to know all without faltering determination. She even waited years in one spot for one person to come by, resisting the urges for food. Undead need food or they will go into a berserk state in which they are even more dangerous. Yet even in her berserk state, she waited for one person without moving in a rather uncomfortable spot.

In the end, Aimu didn't kill and eat the person. They were different and reminded her of something she has forgotten. That has not been the first person she has spared for real and not the last. But Grace was different. She doesn't remind her of anything and she had already made a vow to eat her. So why was Aimu finding it so hard?

"Have you ever read comics or manga before?"

Aimu's left eye turned a raspberry color, showing her confusion even more.

"I'll take that as a no. Well come on, I know a shop near here."

"Hopefully the guy doesn't recognize you. It would be really funny if he did."

Aimu let out a giggle that Grace found cute. Still, Grace knew the danger of what Aimu just said. She had to eat the last person who recognized them because they started calling the cops, not taking no for an answer. Aimu didn't know what the cops were but she did know who the police were since Grace said they'll be coming and she doesn't like them. They hurt. So Aimu snatched the guy's gun and crushed the barrel before grabbing his head and devouring it right on the spot. He wasn't particularly tasty and the police arrived anyway because someone walked into the shop afterward. By then Grace and Aimu were gone but Aimu heard the woman scream.

If this person did the same and called the police they would suffer the same fate. Grace hoped the guy had common sense and some reason in him because the other one thought a shotgun would stop a serial killer with a kill count that was over eight thousand starting four months ago. And Aimu is an undead too so she definitely isn't normal.

"He does but that is a chance I am willing to take."

Aimu cocked her head to the other side and her eyes turned back to their normal color. She then giggled.

"Whatever you say, Grace. Let's get going then, shall we?"