Chapter 1:



Grace Aren Williams: A fifteen-year-old teenager, Grace saw her cousin get eaten right in front of her by a Lurker, a dangerous mutant, and is suffering badly from it. She was already having suicidal thoughts when she and her best friend got caught up in a bank robbery which turned into a massacre when Aimu, an undead serial killer who thinks people are candy, comes in and kills all the robbers and starts eating the hostages. She and a few others are let go and since her best friend was one of the unlucky ones who were eaten, Grace gave up on life. When Grace heard that the survivors of the bank massacre were being hunted down by the serial killer, she waited in anticipation for the undead girl to come back and eat her...but she never did. After almost two months later Grace finally gets visited by the serial killer. But instead of killing her, she asks Grace why she isn't bright. Now she has been kidnapped by the undead girl called Aimu who is trying to...what is she trying to do? Cheer her up? Threaten her? Ahh! She must be trying to make Grace happy so she can eat her. So Grace will act happy...and Aimu isn't having it!? And after a while Grace finds herself enjoying this new life!? And even more, she starts to find her captor attractive!?!? And why is Aimu acting somewhat weird all of a sudden? Well, it matters not. Now, Grace must hide her happiness and her feelings because she knows that once Aimu finds out she'll eat her. But Grace does want to die. She knows Aimu will kill her and eat her and Grace won't have it any other way. Aimu made a vow to eat her so she will eat her and Grace will try her best not to die from any other means...and maybe pretend to be unhappy for a little while longer.Bookmark here

Aimu Arn Nove: Aimu is an undead? She woke up without any memories of her past other than a select few and the laboratory she and her family were in. She is now in this new world full of sweet things. In fact, the people here look so so so sweet and bright that she wants to eat them! So she does and is rewarded with the taste of candy. Needless to say, Aimu thinks people and animals are candy. She began to take immense pleasure in her hunting and feeding so much that every now and then she would fall into a food coma and wake up a couple of hundred years later. This means that Aimu is actually older than the first-ever humans. And now that she is awake she will start gorging herself again! She lets candy go so they can grow and give off more of that tasty scent called fear and despair. And when they think they are safe or maybe just because she feels like it, she'll eat them and maybe even the ones next/close to them! And not always in that order. Then she meets Grace. Grace isn't bright and looks sour and bitter, too much for even Aimu. She leaves her alone and plans to watch her and see her grow bright and ripe for the pickings but she never does! In fact, she worsened!? What the Hell!? (She learned that term long ago but does not know what Hell is) Ugh! Now she has to go and take her disappointment and confusion on others and then on Grace herself. After talking with Grace she decides that she would take the girl away and make her bright herself so she can eat her. And now that she is with Grace longer she decides to make her the brightest candy ever and vows to eat her... And then suddenly she finds herself growing attached to Grace. And shortly afterward she starts to enjoy her time with Grace more so than hunting. And then she realizes that Grace is making her feel weird. And then she realizes that she is in love with Grace and doesn't want to let her go or eat her. And these black candies are becoming so Damn Annoying! She'll Eat And Destroy All Those Pests In Her Way Of Grace And Herself. And now she can't even tell what Grace is feeling. Great! Now she can't tell if Grace is happy or not and even the brightness she could see is clouded and difficult to read. How did this happen!? Well, no matter. But there is a small problem. Grace wants to die. Should she give her what she wants? Hell No!? What about what Aimu wants!? Well, she has to keep her vow. In order to keep Grace with her, she'll do what she has been doing, trying to make her bright. This way Grace won't realize that Aimu isn't going to eat her. Though now she has to find a way around that vow.Bookmark here


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