Chapter 1:

Vol 1.1: Game dev & Arts club

Is it possible to have an ideal school life?

"This is it, starting today I'm going to change my fortunes and have a good school life! ", I exclaimed as I was about to leave my house for school. It was the first day of high school and have spent my days as a loner in middle school, I decided that I want to have a good school life and enjoy the youth. Bookmark here

"Hey, stop shouting and leave already, otherwise you will be late for school! ", my younger sister screamed at me as I realized that I could be late for my first day of high school. My school was a bit far from my home but it was a prestigious high school, so it was worth it, there was direct train available, so it was convenient as well. I left my home with a determined look on my face, as I had decided that I was going to have a good school life, leaving my loner past behind me for good.Bookmark here

Three weeks later...Bookmark here

It was lunch break, I sat at the seat next to the window like a typical main character, all alone, just like I was in middle school. I observed that people in my class we quickly able to sort themselves into groups, there was the popular kids' group, the otaku group (TL: a manga and anime fan in this context, search google for proper meaning) and the group of studious kids. Unfortunately, I belonged to neither of those groups and I didn't specifically want to join the otaku group due to my past as an otaku. The rant I had on my first day about changing my fortunes and having a good school life now sounds embarrassing as it echoed in my head. Bookmark here

"Ahh, I will remain a loner forever! ", I sighed expressing my frustration at the position I was in despite making huge claims about having a fulfilling high school life. Bookmark here

Suddenly a voice called out, "Hey Kenji, how is it going? Are you enjoying your days as a normie? ", it was my childhood friend Shinosuke Honda. He was a complete Otaku and an ex Chunibyo(TL: eighth-grader syndrome, search google) .  He was from the next classroom and got admission into the same school as me, despite his antics, he was not bad at studies. Bookmark here

"Well, as you can see, I'm still a loner, just like middle school ", I said in a monotonous tone, with a bored look on my face.   Bookmark here

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"Oh, c'mon Kenji, we have just started, you still have time to enjoy the youth!! But this was expected. There was no way you were going to go from being a loner otaku to a popular normie in space of few months", Shinosuke said in a condescending tone. 
The truth came crashing down, this was the reality of my situation. This was the same old me, if I was thinking that I am going to suddenly become super popular from a nobody then I was delusional, not that I was expecting that, but this was a lot worse than I expected. But then again, I should have expected this since I was an elite level loner only surpassed by my childhood best friend.  Oh well, this was the reality of my situation which didn't seem like changing anytime soon. 
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"Perhaps you're right, it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon", I said. Bookmark here

"How about you join a club?Bookmark here

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"Me? A club? I don't know if I will find a club that suits my needsBookmark here

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"Oh c'mon, a club is where normies gather and form the groups, don't you see that? It also helps them connect with people from other classes. You can join the football/soccer club, or you can join the Tennis club or volleyball club, you'll be popular among girls if you join a club and highlight your skills. You can even join the literature club but stay away from the anime club, that's where your past belongs, and you will become less popular than you are right now!  If not that then you can also join the student council, rise to the ranks, and become the student council President!!
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I paused for a moment and then replied, "Hmm...I think you're right. A club will help me connect with people and I will be able to plan my ideal school life" a scene of summer party near the beach, club activities and barbeque on a trip flashed before my eyes as I imagined myself at a club" 
"Alright I know what you have in your mind but you should stop dreaming and start working.
Back to reality, as I realized that I've got a lot of work to do before I can dream of all those things.  
"Yes, so it's decided. I will join a club and fulfil my dream of having ideal school life!", And with that, I left the classroom to look at some clubs."Bookmark here

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