Chapter 7:

JEE Virgin's pp Is As Hard As JEE Adv

No Kiss Before JEE...

Reyansh stumbled back. “Uhh…”

She took a few steps forward, cornering him against the door. “C’mon boy, we can have all the fun you want tonight.”

Reyansh’s back hit the door and he stumbled and fell down, “I...uh...I have a g..girlfriend…”

“Oh my, a cute boy like you is already taken? Then maybe...after tonight, you’ll completely be mine,” she said as her seductive gaze fell on his body. She slowly bent down, placed her hand next to his and brought her face dangerously close to his. She could feel his breath. “Don’t be so nervous. I’ll be gentle…”

She leaned in to kiss him. Suddenly, the door opened and both of them fell back.

“That’s enough, Sania. Don’t bully the first years. It’s just their first day.” the girl who opened the door said. “I was searching for you the whole time! We better go back soon. It will be lights out any moment soon.”

“Tch, I was finally gonna have some fun after so long, and now you ruined it,” Sania muttered as she got up. Reyansh was still on the floor, confused as to what was going on.

“Ah sorry about that, first year. My name is Sonakshi, and she’s Sania. We both are second years in this school. I hope she didn’t take it too far...” Sonakshi said, apologising for her friend’s actions.

‘Too far? I’m probably traumatized at this point! Now God won’t allow me into heaven, and what if my girlfriend ignores me?! Oh no!’

Reyansh calmed down and stood up. “Ah, no worries. It’s totally fine.”

“See, he liked it. And you had to ruin it all.” Sania said as she pouted at Sonakshi, with her arms crossed.

“What’s your name, first year?” Sonakshi asked as she looked around the room.


“Ah, that’s a nice name. Sounds like you’re a rich kid, huh? Oh wait, you wrote the entrance test recently right? Do you have the paper or something?” She asked with a sparkle in her eye.

“Ah...yea I do. It’s in my suitcase. I haven’t unpac-”

Before Reyansh could complete his sentence, she leapt at the suitcase and opened it. All the clothes flew out and fell across the room, while she dug through the contents of the suitcase in search of the paper.

‘NOOO!! That’s my clothes!! Ah, my phone! Oh no, my books!! Fuck, what the hell is with these girls...’

Reyansh just watched as she threw all the contents of the suitcase in the air while searching for the paper.

“FOUND IT!” Sonakshi yelled as she grabbed the paper in her hand and waved it in the air. “Let’s see…”

Reyansh was just busy trying to search for the missing sock that Sonakshi just flung in the air, while Sania stood next to Sonakshi and read few questions from the entrance exam question paper.

“Oh my god! This is way easier compared to what we wrote last year!” Sania exclaimed.

‘Easier? The exam was so tough! It’s the entrance exam paper of the most prestigious school in the country, of course, it was mad hard!’
Reyansh looked at them with a puzzled expression.

“Yea, like literally a hundred times easier. Where are the hard questions?” Sonakshi asked.

“Uh...the last few questions were really tough. I doubt anyone got them. I don’t know a single person who even understood the question.” Reyansh replied.

Sonakshi flipped through the paper and looked at the last few questions. “Okay, this last question is so different from the rest. I think this is the only hard question. Give me a min…”

‘Only hard question? WHAT? I found the entire paper super hard, that I barely attempted any questions. Out of 1000 marks, I was really lucky to get 102 marks. Literally, everyone I knew, ended up with like 49 or 38 scores. I think the average score was 42. And she’s calling the paper easy?’

“Don’t you need pen and paper?” Reyansh asked.

“Ah, no need…” she replied.

‘What?! Does she plan on solving that super hard question mentally??’

She continued to look at the question. Her breathing became heavier, and her face turned red around her cheekbones. She kept fidgeting with her legs while she solved the problem in her head.

That’s when Reyansh realised something was wrong.

Sonakshi let out a loud moan. Reyansh had never heard something like that before. She had a super satisfied expression on her face.

She then realised that she was in the same room as a guy, and instantly covered her face with the paper. “Uh… the answer is 24cm. It was easier than I expected.”

‘Wtf?! Did she just orgasm from solving a question?’