Chapter 8:

JEE Virgin Couldn't Access TITS.exe

No Kiss Before JEE...

‘WHAT THE FUCK! Did she just fucking climax from solving a question?’

Reyansh was completely stunned inside but he brushed it off as if nothing happened, “Yea, answer key says 24cm. How did you solve that without a pen and paper?”

“Ah, that’s because the question was too easy,” Sonakshi replied as she placed the paper to the side.

‘WTF!!! That was the hardest question paper I’ve ever written. And she fucking solved it in seconds without pen and paper??’

“Ah, probably because you’ve been in this school for a year…” Reyansh muttered.

“No, this topic isn’t coming for JEE. This is a concept you learn before joining the school itself.”

“What… so you haven’t done similar questions in this academy?”

“Why would we solve such easy sums here?” Sonakshi asked. She seemed genuinely curious.


“THERE YOU ARE, YOU FUCKING SLUTS! Stop bullying the first years and get back to your dorms right now!” Josh shouted as he charged into the room. He looked at Reyansh and realised that he was the same student he met in that crowd of students.

“Try calling me a slut again, you immature rebellious kid,” Sonakshi replied, confronting Josh.

“Go focus on your studies, Josh. Forget scoring higher than us, you’ll probably get expelled soon.” Sania replied as she stood next to Sonakshi.

“Tch, fine. It’s almost light’s out. You both better go back to your dorm.” Josh grumbled as he walked out of the door.

“Well, Reyansh, we gotta go now. Let’s have some fun sometime later, okay?” Sania winked at him and smiled as she waved goodbye.

“Uhh...I have a question.” Reyansh muttered. It had been bothering him for quite a long time. The entrance test to the most prestigious school in the nation, was obviously tough for Reyansh. He barely got 10% of the total marks as he got a final score of 102/1000. The national average was only 42. And these girls solved the hardest question from the paper mentally. Plus they mentioned that the paper they wrote to join the academy was much harder than this one. Reyansh had a hard time understanding how smart these girls were.

“Yea, tell me,” Sania replied as she stopped in her tracks. Sonakshi and Josh left the room.

“Umm, you said the paper you wrote to enter this academy was much harder right?” Reyansh asked.

“Obviously! It was way harder. Your paper was so easy omg!” Sania replied.

“So how much did you get? What was your score?”

“Well, it was a year back, so I’m not too sure what my marks were…” Sania muttered as she tried to recall her scores. “Eh, I don’t remember.”

“Ah, it’s okay. Thanks.”

Sania smiled and walked out of the door. As she closed the door, she remembered her scores in the entrance exam.

“My score was around 950 I guess…Anyways, Good night!” Sania said as she smiled and closed the door, leaving Reyansh alone in his dorm.

“Did I hear that right?” Reyansh questioned his own hearing ability, as he was completely shocked.