Chapter 6:

JEE Virgin Inserts His Smol pp Into USB Port

No Kiss Before JEE...

‘Wha- WHAT!?!?!?!?!?’

The girl was sleeping on his bed. She was half-naked, with only a striped bra and her white panties on.


Reyansh had only seen something like this on forbidden sites. And who would have thought that a JEE student would be looking at a woman’s slender naked body? He couldn’t believe his eyes. There’s no way a JEE student could be looking at a treasure like that.

But it was real, she was sleeping on his bed soundly, without any concern at all. She slowly turned over, lying on her back. Reyansh could now see everything clearly.

She was indeed voluptuous. Huge breasts, a slender and soft body, he wouldn’t be surprised if she was an actress. And her ass!! A perfect 10/10. Even Gordan Ramsey would approve of that ass. She was the perfect meal that every man desired.

Reyansh panicked. He turned away and began fidgeting with his fingers. He was completely flustered.

‘What do I do!?!? Is this considered cheating? Kiara, I’m sorry!!!’

He could imagine Kiara breaking up with him.

But he could imagine Gordan Ramsey shouting “You FUCKING DONKEY! Go spank dat ass, ya lil twat.”

‘Agh!! Maybe I could take one more peek? After all, Mr Gordan Ramsey loved it…’

The imagination of Mr Gordan Ramsey smiled and displayed a thumbs up. “Visual appearance isn’t everything. The texture is important too. And finally, the taste. Go for it, Reyansh! You can do it!”

‘Ah Gordan Ramsey isn’t cursing me...he must know that she’s a real piece of art. For Gordan’s sake, I’ll take a small peek. Nothing more!’

Reyansh slowly turned his head back, expecting to peek at that beautiful sight one more time.

But she was already awake, wearing her clothes. She looked at him and smiled, "oho, what's with that disappointed look on your face? Were you expecting to stare at my body while I was asleep?"

"Ah..uhh..ah nn-no!!! I was- ah yes, about to wake you up, since this was my dorm…" Reyansh replied. He could hear Gordan Ramsay screaming, "You fuckin liar!"

'Sorry, Mr Gordan…Kiara, I won't commit a sin again. I promise.'

"Oh yea, this is the first years' dorm." She replied. She was wearing an oversized T-shirt and shorts. She looked at him with a puzzled expression, "Why was I here?"

"How would I know that! You're the one who slept on my bed! And that too, without any clothes on!! How the hell did you even come in???"

"The door was open so I just walked in. You guys were taking so much time with the orientation session that I fell asleep."

"That doesn't mean you just come in like that!!!"

"Oh yeah, now I remember. I came here to check out the first years." She said as she studied his figure carefully.

"What do you mean by 'check out' ??"

She finished studying his figure and smiled, "It's exactly what you think it is."

"Ahh...uhhh what? What?"

"I slept for a very long time. Looks like I won't be able to sleep at all." She said.

"You must have slept for a long time. What are you gonna do? It's almost time for everyone to sleep. And you won't be able to sleep…"

"Oh, of course, you'd be accompanying me. I'm not gonna let you sleep either." She said as she licked her lips seductively, "The night is long, and we are gonna have a lot of fun."