Chapter 1:

The Unknown Man

虐待された悪魔 Abused Devils [Dropped]

Chapter 1Bookmark here

Sounds of the city are roaring as they always are, the sounds of people's feet stepping around trying to get through the city, trying to get where they need to be...Bookmark here

i'm sitting here on the ground like a hobo. I have no money and nothing to trade for food all i have are the cloths on my back and the shoes on my feet trying to get by the best i can. Bookmark here

A child walks by staring at me while she walks with her mother. I look back at her smiling and perk her up a smile by not saying a word. But her mother, not caring for a person like myself. She didn’t even look at me but she kept on her way walking down the street. i look back at the ground by my feet and mind my own business until i hear the sound of someone screaming. I look up from the ground and look for the source of the screaming. then see the daughter run around the corner screaming for help. But no one even acknowledging her.Bookmark here

I get up and do a slight jog towards her. i take a knee and ask her in a soft voice, what happened. She responded sobbing with tears as they run down her face.Bookmark here

Ma.. mamma Sh.. She needs help. Bookmark here

I tell her to calm down and i'll go and help her. i had her hide in an alley where she would be safe. I go and rush to see where her mother is as i can still hear her mother's screaming. When i make it close enough i can finally see what's going on. She is getting robbed and no one else will help her.Bookmark here

I grab the man that's trying to rob her and get him away from her. Then the man hit me in his struggle to get away, but i didn't let go. I grabbed him by the waste and threw him on the ground..Bookmark here

He's out cold… Bookmark here

I take a step back from him and turn to the mother of the girl ask if shes ok then i tell her daughter its safe to come out. She slowly peeked her head out and slowly walked over until she got progressively closer then she started to speed up until she reached a full on sprint. She hugged her mother with tears coming down her face not as fast as before but as if she was happy to be with her mother again. I asked the mother for her name then asked the daughter her name. the mother said her name is lisa and her daughter said her name is elysa. I told them to have a nice day. Bookmark here

Lisa grabbed my arm and stopped me.. She reached into her purse to grab something.. She took out money and tried to hand it to me. i refused it. I told her that i don't deserve the money and point at her daughter and say.Bookmark here

She does, she is the only reason i came to help if it wasn't for her i wouldn't have come to help you, and you just got your hard earned money back why would you waste it on me?Bookmark here

Before she left she said thanks and asked my name.. Flustered for a minute, i couldn't remember my name. After a good few seconds i tell her ace. Bookmark here

They walk away looking back waving with happiness on their faces.Bookmark here

That's the only thing i could think of at the time.Bookmark here

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