Chapter 2:

The Hooded Saver

虐待された悪魔 Abused Devils [Dropped]

Chapter 2

Yesterday was the day i made my first friends in this place. I still haven’t eaten and i’m starving but i don’t have any money. Still sitting in the same spot as i have been for the past week without going anywhere to sleep or roam aimlessly around the city. The only times i get up is to look for food and water so that i may live maybe another day but i could never find food that was ok to eat i could only find water that had been sitting next to a trash can for as long as i could remember.

I start meditating trying to get my head off of my hunger and thirst. A few hours go past and i'm feeling better than i was but i look next to me and there's money. I have no idea where it came from. I pick it up and start asking people walking by if they dropped the dollar. None of them even dare to look at me. Then i see a guy running around looking on the ground as if he had lost something.

I walk up to him and ask what he’s doing and he says he had dropped some money earlier on his walk. I ask how much he had lost, and he says $23. I ask him for his name but he refused to give it to me but either way i still handed him the money i found it was only a $20 bill.

He looks at me and says thanks but no thanks thinking i was handing him my own money. But i tell him that i had found the money on the ground next to me when i was meditating and i believe it was his. The look in his eyes as i said this changed. He said i can keep it since i found it, as a gift from him because i was honest in returning the money to him. I said thank you and he turned around, but not before he left he said my names john.. John Samuels. And he starts walking away before he got to his fifth step i say thank you Mr. Samuels.

As i turn around i get hit in the head with something i don’t know what it was, but i fell to the ground and slowly lost consciousness.

Here i am now in the back of a vehicle.. A large vehicle at that.. Like a van.. Sounds like a 6 cylinder and feels like there are more people than just the driver i can sense that there's one behind the passenger seat and 2 others around me. I try to act as if i was still knocked out but then the driver hits something and lost control for a sec but corrected himself. Something heavy falls and hits me in the head and i can no longer move as this heavy object is laying on top of me the 2 people try to lift it up and they do it successfully but i pass back out.

I am now slowly coming to, im a chair, in a warehouse and i no longer have the thing over my head. I can see other people here with me but their bodies limp as if they were also knocked out. Then a man wearing a white doctors coat walks in and introdunces himself.

“I am Dr. Reignseen and today you are my test subjects.. You will listen to me and only me DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME..” he then turns around and gestures to people around the corner to come into the room.

They are all wearing masks and hoods same with gloves.

Someone blows through a wall but.. It wasn’t a bomb it sounded and looked like something different. The man that's now standing in where the wall used to be is also wearing a hoodie but seems so be different than the others in the room.

authors note: so due to the few people who decided to read the first chapter faster than i thought here is the second one. if the chapters keep getting liked ill keep making more.