Chapter 13:

Excerpt from World Exchange! A novel by K.A. Natos 1

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

I sighed a deep breath as she stared at me with big blue eyes. I pushed her to the side and walked up to the structure referred to as a guild building. It was a quaint little place with a stony exterior and several decorative flags dotted along its roof. In the front, several apparent adventurers were chatting. I briskly walked past them, not bothering to slow down when they saw me.

"Is that an elf?" I heard one of the adventures say.

"No, they have pointy ears. He must be a half-elf!" Another commented. I didn't bother to listen any further as I stepped inside the building. It had become evident that the denizens of this world did not have familiarity with anyone of Aqueenian origin, much less a mix.

"Wait for me!" my undesired traveling companion shouted to me as she chased me into the guildhall.

She ran in front of me as if to stop me and pushed some orange hair around one of her ridiculously pointed ears.

As I stared at her, I couldn't help but wonder where the confusion was between how I and this so-called forest elf looked similar.

"Please, Mina, I told you already. I'm going to see if this adventuring guild has any information on my homeworld," I calmly explained to the elf woman. She just frowned at me and shook her head.

"And I told you, the only place that could have information like that is the Grand Library!"

"You also told me that was a legend...."

"People coming from other worlds is a legend as well, yet here you are in all your strangeness."

I sighed. There was no getting anywhere with this elf girl.

"What do you suggest I do then?"

"Let's put a party together and go on an adventure!" she gleefully replied.

I groaned.

"And what does a party entail?"

Mina pressed a finger to her chin.

"Well, we will probably want about two other members to accompany us. A healer, and maybe a mage to round out the group since you seem like a melee fighter with your strange ability and metal arm."

"It's called-" I began to speak but was interrupted.

"I think I see a dwarf and an orc in could fit the bill. Oh, and there is a rather intimidating sorceress over there! Oh, maybe we shouldn't stop at four. Maybe six! Or even seven!" the elf girl began to scout other adventures in the guildhall. I would have to put a stop to this soon, or we would bring all 20 or so people here with us by the time she was done.