Chapter 1:

The Trip

The Unknown Magic Wielder [hiatus]

These lights are so annoying. Flickering not on and off they are staying on. I’m trying to clear my mind so i’m not as nervous. This school is for training the selected people who have an affinity for magic. At least here i will be able to practice my magic once it develops. I was told from the grand wizard in my town that i have magical potential. But most people my age have already had their magic present itself.

This train ride is quite bumpy and long the seats aren't very comfortable. I can tell this is going to be a long day.

Im sitting staring out the window of my small area of travel. The meadow looks quite nice this time of year. It's nice and light green with a few trees its a beautiful sight of a fully natural area untouched by human hands.

We pull into a stop and the train worker people are making their rounds making sure people have their tickets and they aren't going farther than they are supposed to. I show the man that asks for my ticket and he says it's fine as soon as he looks at it and that's because the ticket doesn't look like a normal passenger ticket, its silver and has special writing all around the edges of it.

Here we go again on the rough bumpy trip to the school. I'll try to sleep and see if that clears my head.

The man from earlier that asked for my ticket is saying its my stop he offers me help with my bags, but i decline politely.

Ahhhhh.. this fresh air, people are already practicing their magic and some others are just walking around talking with their friends.

“Hello everyone.. I am the council president chelly please follow me to take your magic test.”

All newcomers must take it, it determines the class we must take for our magic potential. Think of it as like a test to detect the students who can control their power and those who have lots of power.

We are lined up at the stage to see who has what type of power but there are people in the crowd that are scouting new students to join them, some others are looking just to see the new people but there are a few people looking looking to see who to make fun of. The first guy put his hand in the middle of the circle on the wall and tries to put his magic into the the circle. There's a table next to him and the red stone lights up but not too brightly and floats up depicting that he has the fire ability and how high the stone goes is how much output the person has his stone went about to the ceiling of the room. The next person is a female who is quite nervous you can tell by the way she walked. The blue stone lit up and lifted about an inch off the table but her stone lit up brighter than the lights in the room the people were very ecstatic. That meant that she had lots of power but not much to send the power out which means she has the most chances to be more things to put her magic into. A few others past but without extraordinary talents, it's now my turn i do the same as the rest of the students and hope something happens. All the stones lit up but none floated they all just sat there and slowly got bright then dim then bright again. After the people overlooking the exam took me off the stage they stopped the exams for people and were going to have us retake it once they figure out what went wrong.

The grass in the yard is amazing. It's nice and soft which is not like how the grass where my home is like. The people here have all sorts of magic abilities such as water, earth, wind, fire, dark, light, and even boost abilities. There are about 40 people here in the yard practicing their magic.

“hey how are you i am britney and you are?” a girl came up and sat next to me

“ i-i am kit.”

“That's an unusual name.. But that's good that means you are different from everyone”

“thanks “

“No problem.. You see the guy over there using the dark magic?”

“Yeah why?”

“His stone affinity broke”


“Yeah it broke that means he had too much power in both aspects but it looks like he can’t control it… so what's your affinity?”

“I have to retake the exam the stones had a malfunction”

“Really! That sucks, well anyways im earth with equal affinity”

“Wow that's great”

“So what magic can u control?”

“I can't really control one yet ”

“What!! Really how can you not control a magic yet.. Well i’m sure it will be a powerful one”

“Thanks i appreciate that”

“No problem”

“Well i got to go that was my break sorry”

“Its all ok dont worry ill see u later”

As i walk back to my group an argument breaks out between two people saying how one can beat the other and such. An aid goes over and breaks it up.

I'm back with my group and people are all gossiping about the new kid that has the most rare magic. He has lightning magic or plasma magic the most powerful and fast magic. The ranking of magic is light is the fastest moving but doesn't do much damage then lightning which is the most dangerous but the most powerful and very fast then its fire water earth then dark then the buff magic which can be casted fast but doesn't affect others. On damage the rank goes lightning, fire, earth, air, water, dark, light, then of course buff.

“All right everyone we need you to split up into boys and girls because we are going to the dorms”

We split off and head off to the dorms 

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