Xain Zahlreiche

Xain Zahlreiche

Hello, my name is Xain Zahlreiche.

I am the writer of three novels at the moment, the only one published so far is North Exile which is a story that revolves around the titular protagonist Sara D. Ai. After coming back home from her six-year departure a catastrophic event changes her life forever.

These stories which are apart of a Universe a friend and I created known as the Kenoverse.

I normally will have an update every two months since I've recently started to actually write one of the main stories, but I hope that my writing will continue to improve while fleshing out these adventures.

I don't believe I'm perfect, so I hope everyone will critique and comment on my novels to help me improve my writing style. Or if you want to just talk about something you like, its welcomed too.


The Archives

Updated: Sep 03, 2018
Chapters: 2

Merely, my observation of this beautiful universe. I wish to understand it more and you along with me. I can't be the only one who's watching. Interesting, may it be. I'll try to fill you in. will you know nothing or everything?


North Exile

Updated: Sep 06, 2018
Chapters: 1

Sara Ai is a 14-year-old girl, who once lived in a Technologically Advanced City known as East Lake. After her 6 year departure from the city, she once again returns to East Lake to reconnect with her friends. Upon her arrival, she learns of the Ai Expo that was announced. Anxious and excited she...