Chapter 10:

Hiatus! JEE Virgins Cannot Take Breaks, But The Author Can!!

No Kiss Before JEE...

Author's note: Hello there, fellow horny JEE virgins. Although you might have forgotten, but I have a life too, I have some stuff coming up which renders me incapable of continuing this series for the time being.

Thus your favourite author will be taking a break (hiatus) for a few months.

Ofcourse I'll continue writing, I'll not only make this series funny, but I'll bring it to an intense direction, which probably will motivate you all to go back and study lol.

There are few reasons for my hiatus

I'm busy

I'm trying to get AIIen or FllTJEE etc to sponsor me

I plan on actually improving the quality of my writing.

This story was just a shitpost if you read the description, but it blew up! Thank you so much! Horny JEE virgins (like us) are everywhere to support! Thus, I'll need some time to properly pull out a script to increase the quality of the story.

I have to attend to my imaginary girlfriend

I have some REALLY good plot ideas for a whole proper series and I wanted to focus on those.

My dad went on a business trip for a month, so me and my stepsister are home alone

As of now, I'm editing and re-writing a short Story which will take me a few months cuz I'm lazy. And I don't think I'll upload it online. Sorry.

I need to cry (help pls)

I wanted to start reading again, to improve my writing skill (as you can see, it's very poor)

(I'll be writing during my hiatus don't worry, but I'll start uploading in December only most probably)

So in December, make sure to open honeyfeed, cuz your favourite author will be back with better ideas and sexier writing!

So go read your JEE organic books till then!

See you in December!

No Kiss Before JEE...