Chapter 51:

View Through The Glass

Valkyria Squadron

Family Home, Sumida City, Tokyo
February 15
2:00 AM
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The noise of the TV downstairs woke me up, when I looked at the clock I could see that it was dawn, It seemed that Cesar had trouble sleeping again, poor man, I thought that now that he was back here his condition would improve. Tamamo was sleeping next to me, she seemed sound asleep, it seemed as if the noise didn't bother her in the least, It's funny because I thought that she would sneak into the room to sleep next to Cesar on the sofa, but it seems that was not the case. But I could take advantage of this situation, I can speak to him alone right now and apologize for having shown up here without notifying him beforehand. To try not to damage the floor with my glass feet because I did not know what the ceramic would be like, I bought some slippers before coming here to walk around the house, they would also help me go to the living room without waking up others. Bookmark here

I washed, I left the room and closed the door so that Tamamo wouldn't get up from the annoying noise, and walked towards the living room. Despite the distance from here, I could listen to TV, it was a television sales program, it was about some new kind of broom. It seemed strange to me that Cesar was seeing something like that because I always imagine him as someone who preferred to see a movie or animated comedy series, but it could also be that merely at this time there is nothing like that and he was looking at the only thing available. I went down the stairs, careful not to slide, and turned into the living room, which could be seen illuminated by the light from the television. Although he was behind the sofa, I could see the fox's ears sticking out on one side and his tail on the other of the sofa, he was lying down. I thought maybe the last thing he would like at the time would be to scare him, so I tried to walk around making a bit of noise so he would notice me, but it didn't work, so I resorted to talking a little.
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"Sorry to bother" I said delicately.
"But could you lower the volume on the TV please"
"You're going to wake up everybody "Bookmark here

But there was no answer, he didn't even turn his fox ears in my direction, he probably must have been sound asleep. Surely he was so sleepy that he ended up falling asleep even with the television and the volume it was at. I thought of at least turning it off so he could sleep better now that he had finally made it. So I went to him to take the remote control out of his hands, but then I noticed something strange. His breathing was very agitated and he was sweating as if he had been running, was he having another panic attack while he was sleeping?. I quickly removed the blanket to make him cool a little, but when I touched it to remove it I could see a large red spot that was getting bigger and bigger. I took it away to see what was really happening and when I saw it I was so surprised that I screamed and fell back.Bookmark here

Cesar appeared to have a bullet hole in the side of his abdomen and was losing blood. I had no idea what caused such a wound but now was not the time to doubt. I immediately ran to the bedroom where among my luggage I had a first aid kit from Heaven. Because I had thought that sooner or later Cesar would get into trouble again, I just never imagined that he would do it so soon. I opened the door with force and went through my things, throwing away everything that was useless from the passage. Once I had the first aid kit in my hands, I shook Tamamo to help me. Because I'm sure she knows more about medicine than me and she could treat him better with healing magic. But no matter how hard I shook her, she was asleep with no sign of waking up. this was very strange. But tending to Cesar's wound was the top priority now, so I ran back to the living room as fast as I could.
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I got close to him and used scissors to quickly undress her and put some cloth to clean the wound of blood, then I quickly checked his back and I noticed that he had an exit hole. Whatever was shot was of a high caliber because he went through with such ease, but that was good news because it means that there were no fragments that made the wound more serious. I quickly put alcohol gel on the area, hemostatic powder on both wounds, and then applied a bandage to both sides. I don't know how long the wounds are pressed hard to try to stop the bleeding. But when I finally noticed that I had stopped enough to start treating the wounds now, with the medical gel to accelerate the healing process, apply enough of that, much more than recommended, so that by the time you finish you will not have a scar. But although the process is much faster, it may take a while to start to take effect, so I have to make sure that he does not lose more blood and reduce the effectiveness of the medical gel. Bookmark here

With the passing of the minutes, I could see how the face of ceasing to a more relaxed one, it seemed that the pain was weakening, and the wound stopped bleeding completely, but although that meant that he was no longer in danger the medicine what did I put on him is not able to heal that fast or reduce pain. Removing the bandages a bit just to confirm that everything was fine, I could see a slight green light coming from the wound, it was healing magic! But I was not the one who was doing it and the way it was administered was too precise to be even a combat medical angel, was it Tamamo? But she was asleep, maybe she realized that but I must also remember that she is a Goddess, it may not be difficult at all to do something like that even while sleeping. But why would she fall asleep while she heals him with magic and she wouldn't come to help me better? No, wait, what if she can't because she too is being affected by the same thing that hurt Cesar? Bookmark here

What exactly attacked Cesar in the first place, where did that gunshot wound come from? I have not heard any shots and the whole room is tidy and the windows in good condition indicating that there was no fight or that the shots came from outside. It is as if a hole just popped out while he was sleeping. Fearing that something had also happened to the Adelis or Cesar's sister when I saw that he did not need so much attention now and I ran to his rooms to check that everything was in order. Bookmark here

This time I took my work tools and with them I opened the door to Adelis's room without having to break the lock. She was asleep in her bed, it was a double bed and she slept on the right side of her, first I tried to shake it to wake her up, but like Tamamo that didn't work. Then I looked to check her, but there was nothing out of the ordinary, she was sleeping with a smile on her face and nothing I said seemed to wake her up. Seeing that she was not in danger, I continued to Maria's room. After unlocking the door I did the same, with the same result, she was asleep and did not wake up no matter what she tried, but unlike her mother she was sleeping in a really messy way in her bed, she had headphones still playing loud music and next to the book that she told me before going to sleep. It seemed that everyone except me was under the same effect. But what could have caused something so strange and created a gunshot wound?
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I returned to the living room to continue caring for Cesar and his wound, he was still fine, it seems that the worst was over. But now I have to think about what I should do next because I have no idea what is going on in this house tonight. Come on Momo think, what would Cesar do at a time like this?. Well, whenever a situation is too complicated for him, he is not afraid to seek or ask for help, so he could try calling 911 and have the authorities take care of this. But if I do that I cannot let them see me, they will realize that I am not a human just by looking at me and neither Cesar or Tamamo now that I think about it. No, I have to do it, what if the next time is an even more serious injury, I can not treat it. I should call them, that's the best I can do for now. Bookmark here

I took a few moments to pluck up my courage and pick up the phone in the living room to ask for help. But just when I picked up the phone I heard that there was no line, which put me on alert because almost at the same time the television was left without signal, and the power went out in the house later, looking out the window I could see the lights of public lighting and neighboring houses. I felt like fear was rising from my back to my head. What was happening now? Is it the same thing that I attacked others? Could it be some thief trying to break into the house? Or could it be another to see the group that tried to kidnap the mother-in-law?
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I was very afraid because I did not know what was happening now, I just want to get away from here. But Cesar is hurt right now and the others can't move on their own. What if they are attacking the house now? can I do something against someone who tries to hurt me? Can I escape in time? What if my body fails me? What if it is only a temporary power problem? Maybe it's just me imagining things, it could just be that a cable was short for being old. But then I heard how there were steps heading towards the door, it was several, at least one group of people. The terror took possession of me. It felt like my body suddenly weighed a lot more, where just breathing or blinking took a lot of effort. Bookmark here

What should I do!?Bookmark here

Then I remembered what I had seen a moment before. Maria has a cell phone in her room where she listens to music, if I can get to her room I can call the police. I just have to run up there, hide under the bed, and call. But if I do that, those people might notice me and hurt me. I can't risk getting hurt, I don't know what would happen to me if I broke down. I promised my parents that I would never let them ever hurt me, but if I don't, the person I love could get hurt too. But I can't move him off the couch either or I could risk opening the wound he has. Bookmark here

This is so difficult, how is it possible that he can do things like this all the time?Bookmark here

Now he could hear how those unknown people were trying to open the lock to enter silently. Time is running out, I must think of something now. There was no other choice, I would have to leave him here and run to Maria's room. I had already decided, so I tried not to think about it too much and start moving. But my body did not want to respond, my feet felt heavy enough to move, please not now. Please, my body, help me save my love, please. Bookmark here

With an enormous effort, I managed to move the first foot, then the other, and then the next. For some reason when I managed to start moving my body became easier to move again, after walking a bit, I jogged, and by the time I got to the stairs I was able to run again. When I got to Maria's room, I pushed her out of bed so she wouldn't be seen, I took the phone and hid next to her under the bed. I immediately called the police and gave the address of the house. The operator told me not to hang up the phone and wait for the police patrol. Suddenly the book of Maria that I could see from the ground caught on fire spontaneously and burned at an alarming rate until there was nothing left but ashes. I was scared by what I just saw. But then it happened, from the living room I could hear several shots coming from the room, there were several, then a little more and then only silence, only to give way a few moments later to the police sirens in the distance. I was afraid, I couldn't move anymore from where I was, I couldn't do anything else but hope for the best of whatever happened.Bookmark here

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