Chapter 1:

The Reveal and A New Beginning

The Kingdom: Arcadia The Game [hiatus]

"Hello everyone and welcome to daily gaming, today we will be talking about the new mmorpg game that's going to be coming out soon... we have a dev with us today.. so how is this game going to be different from any other? "

"Well the way this game is different than any other is that the massively expansive amount of characters that can be created also the amount of races that there are going to be, there will also be hidden abilities that each race has. the game also has a revolutionary stat development system."

the main character sitting at the table eating breakfast. getting ready for school making sure to grab his chargers for the different devices he is bringing so that he isn't bored during class. trying to turn off the TV but hesitant before he does, he listens to it for a second as the people on TV talk about the game. " items in this game whether they are common to legendary  in rarity can be sold for real world money as the most rare items are powerful but can be disassembled to get the main items to make that weapon and also a blueprint depending on the intelligence of the character is how close the item will be from the original." he turns off the TV and heads to school on his bike.

at school now he walks past everyone trying not to be picked out of a group to be bullied by people he knows from when he was younger. As he walks in through the front doors of the school and sees all the club members trying to recruit people to join them. there is a gaming team, that needs new members for their guild on the games they play. another club is info-broker where they gain spread information for a price and another club made by 1 person that's just looking for someone to play the new game that's coming out with him. i walk over to him and sign the waver he had to join the club.

"r-really you wanna play a game with me you don't have to if you don't want to, please don't feel sorry for me if you really don't want to join me."

"don't worry i don't have anyone else to play the game with anyways so its okay with me"

"really thanks i am John and you are?"

"i am Ryan"

"thanks Ryan i hope we become great friends" the bell goes off for students to get to class "well we need to get to class now thanks again for signing up"

"ill see you after class so we can hangout if you want"

"sorry i cant i have stuff to do but maybe some other time"

"yeah okay then see you tomorrow then"


I get to class and take my seat and get out my books for this class and play some games on one of my devices with headphones on.

the teacher walks in a few minutes later "okay class welcome back today we are going to recap what we have done this week so you can study for your test next week." 

i listen to her with my game paused and write down the questions for the study guide when i get done i start playing again the teacher walks over and says to stop playing games and do my work but i show her my work is done all the study guide questions answered she tells me if i want to play games in class i have to take the test right now and get an A. i accept her challenge and  pass the test with an -A i did this on purpose to give a bit of leeway so she didn't think i was cheating. she grades it and allows me to do what i want since i was done with all the work for this week and next. 

first class is now over and now its time for the second one nothing important happened in my next few classes. so now its the end of the day and i start heading home.

I get home eat and go to bed i'm really excited for the new game as its coming out tomorrow. The Kingdom: Arcadia the mmorpg game that will be full of active events for the entirety of the game. new tournaments every week that give special items, loot, and money. i turn the radio on and set it to the stream of the news for the game and listen to as as i fall asleep.

Justine Sanico
Black Out