Chapter 2:

The Release and The Players Choices

The Kingdom: Arcadia The Game [hiatus]

*alarm clock ringing* Ryan gets up and starts his daily routine getting ready for school. dressed now he starts making breakfast for himself with the TV on he listens to the news about whats happening around the world but not really interested in it until they bring up Arcadia and about the first tournament that's happening next week. turning off the TV and leaving to go to the store to pick up his copy he pre-ordered.Bookmark here

the copy he purchased was the all-around bundle where it comes with more than one copy as in he now had many copies and they go to all of his devices. riding his bike to school now he goes through a turn too fast and hits a rock which sends him to the ground and the bike flies over the railing and down the cliff that was covered in trees that go all the way down. not having enough time to look for the bike he walks to school. Bookmark here

he gets to school on time and sees john as he walks up to him.Bookmark here

"hey dude you OK man?"Bookmark here

"yeah i'm fine i just crashed my bike i have to look for it after school though but if i cant ill head home and jump on the game in fact ill be on during class because im done with everything from this week and next so ill just play it on one of my things."Bookmark here

"OK cool ill be on after school after i'm done with the stuff i need to do."Bookmark here

"OK no problem i'm gonna head to class now to get a head-start on the download see yeah." *waves at each other* Bookmark here

gets to class and takes one of his devices and plugs in one of the SD card sized chips into it starts download. Ryan takes a look at all the other card for the other systems that he got in the bundle they all look the same besides the one that looks like a USB flash drive. its probably for the people who don't have a newer PC that has the other slots in it. *teacher walks in and starts explaining what the students will be doing* Ryan still waiting for the download to complete, he is listening to the news of the game that's being live streamed. Bookmark here

"hello everyone i'm back and i'm going to be showing you all what items you can earn in the tournaments.. such as this item this is the monky staff, the name is a play on 2 words monkey and monk also resembles the monkey gods staff that can extend when ever the wielder wants it to.. here we have the dragons talon this is used as a horn to summon a dragon that you can fly on, this item can be obtained in game by completing a boss raid once this boss is defeated it no longer respawns. *Ding* his game is finished downloading but it loud enough to interrupt the teacher. "sorry Ms. elwick i didn't realize it wasn't muted"Bookmark here

"its OK your done with your work but make sure its muted next time, also is that the new mmorpg?"Bookmark here

"yes it is"Bookmark here

"oh nice do you mind telling me about it after class i was thinking of getting it for my nephew"Bookmark here

"yeah sure"Bookmark here

"OK thanks"Bookmark here

 game loads and a timer pops up for until the game severs open for play the games live stream had this timer also, it has another 30 minutes until the servers open Ryan continues watch the stream. as he now holds the one thing that gives you a stat reset but keeps your level it works just like a prestige item mixed with a restat item, "when its used you get more stats faster than before." the timer hits 15 minutes and loads a pregame lobby where everyone looks like a outline of a character  but the inside is like the stars in space. "ah i see its time for the pregame lobby for everyone watching right now if you go to the scholar you can create your character. Ryan heads to the scholar but when he talks to him the game crashed.Bookmark here

"oh great" he restarts the system and logged back in when he gets back in his character was completed but he didn't do it, but (hey at least there is one free remodel i can just go to a remodel shop later) all new spawns get a random free set of basic gear. my character looks like a human but the race slot is empty and the passive ability is a weapon ability boost, i have a giant sword, a scythe, a revolver, and a cool rare greenish blue sword. there are also gear as in healing items, exp boosts, and some body armor i have a set of light armor that looks like a trench coat with a hood and a what looks like desert gear. i start to look at the abilities of my items; the giant swords ability is when equipped it lowers all weight carried by half but since i have the passive ability it lowered it quite a bit more, the revolver when shot the bullets can be recovered if you hit your opponent with any melee attack but the passive ability i have i wonder if it works how i think it will, the scythe says one of its abilities is that it can open a portal to a pocket dimension whenever, the other ability is a wide projectile slash, the sword is called the cloning sword  what it does is it can transform into any weapon that's either hit with it or any in inventory. looking around there are lots of players each one different than the next, we have elfs, lizard people, boar people, robots, giants, dwarfs, demons, angels, humans, and more but some contradict the races stats the elfs are using swords and daggers but they have the fastest mana regain and they can cast 2 spells lower than medium mastery at the same time, also why are most people segregated the passive abilities are supposed to help a team  such as one of the human abilities is that if there is a robot in its team the robots deterioration slows and the human gains more intelligence, the same happens with other races. Bookmark here

the timer counts down from 15 seconds and the race is about to begin between the players to see who can become the strongest the fastest.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Justine Sanico
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