Chapter 17:

The "Unkillable" Beast 4

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

In the royal viewing section, only Odell and Donn had kept any interest in the fight. Fiona had gotten distracted by a casual conversation with Hermina, Asha had fallen asleep, the queen was knitting, and the kings were locked into a dull conversation about trade arrangements.

Odell was still up close to the window as Gwyn failed to damage the beast with the gun or ax and was now eagerly watching Gwyn look around the arena.

"You know, Odell, you are blocking some of the view," Donn said as he walked next to the Hobusian, looking out the window. His tone was not malicious, so Odell just shrugged it off.

"The rest of them don't care what's about to happen," he retorted to the crown prince.

"Haha, well, I think our guest did the best he could. It's a shame; I think with a little training, he could have become a great hero for Quenth... but my father had made up his mind."

"Hahaha... a pure Netzian being the hero for Quenth! I think I know a few people that would take issue with that."

Out on the field, the unkillable had begun to smash on the ground again. Gwyn jumped out of the way, barely avoiding the blow. The creature had gotten tired of watching and just figured it didn't need to understand Gwyn's movements to kill him.

Gwyn stumbled on the ground and pushed himself back off with a thrust of his arms. A moment later, the beast smashed its foot into the ground, and Gwyn jumped leaped out of the way. This time, Gwyn used the free tail which stuck out from his shoulder to keep himself from falling on the ground. The point of the tail struck the ground, and he quickly changed the direction of his sprint by pushing off with it.

The unkillable began to stomp on the ground furiously, and Gwyn narrowly similarly avoided each blow as before. He was starting to grow accustomed to using the tail as an additional appendage that he could use to catch himself.

"He's really trying not to get stomped on, but he will run out of energy eventually...." Odell commented.

"Hmm, he's trying his best," Donn added.

"You're still paying attention to that?" Asha interrupted with a yawn. He stretched out his arms and smoothly rose from his chair. Donn and Odell paid no mind to him as Asha strode over and slapped each of them on the back of their shoulders. "It must be exciting waiting for that fool to die," he said as he peered past the shoulders of the other two.

On the field, Gwyn avoided another blow and sprinted around the creature in a circular motion. The tail from Mem was dragging on the ground around him as Gwyn ran. The unkillable was not able to turn as quickly while Gwyn sprinted behind it. He skidded to a halt from behind the beast. Then he took a half step to his left while the beast continued to turn and face him.

"Looks like he's given up!" Asha shouted.

Gwyn kneeled and placed his hand on the ground.

"Father, what is that rogue Needaimus' ability again?" Donn asked while he rubbed his chin.

King Whitlock didn't bother answering and just waved his hand lazily to dismiss his son's question.

Gwyn stood up from the ground and began to take a few steps back slowly. The unkillable raised its foot and snorted angrily. It smashed it into the ground as Gwyn leaped backward. He was careless and ended up landing and sliding on his back.

No one paid attention to Gwyn, however. As the unkillable smashed into the ground, a loud cracking sound began to fill the arena. It grabbed everyone's attention. King Whitlock jumped from his seat and stormed across the room to the window. His children and Odell slid out of the way.

From under the foot of the beast, cracks began to appear and spread. They followed a line as if they were connecting points in a shape around where the unkillable stood. The beast didn't realize what was happening until the entire floor underneath it opened up, and it was swallowed into darkness.

The crowd cheered as the beast disappeared out of view.

"A... amazing!" The announcer, who had been silent for the fight, finally chimed in. "I think, given the challenge, we can call this a victory!"

King Whitlock balled his hand into a fist and smashed the glass in front of him. The shattering sound echoed around the arena loud enough to grab everyone's attention.

The king made a friendly smile.

"Well, I must commend you for your accomplishment; however, this is a fight to the death. If you don't bring the beast down, you cannot be declared the winner," King Whitlock's voice echoed around the arena for all to hear. He shrugged off a series of boos that echoed from the stadium.

Donn shook his head but didn't say anything. From inside the hole, the unkillable roared.

Gwyn rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, what do I do now?" he asked himself as he looked up at the king.

I think this is where you die. Mem chimed in.

"You're not helping... but your right...." Gwyn's shoulders slumped. He took a deep breath in and looked at the hole as the unkillable was climbing its way out. It snarled and flashed its teeth at Gwyn.

I hope you don't mind, but I might need to take my leave here. Mem echoed in Gwyn's mind, but he did not pay attention as the massive beast looked down directly at him.

Neither Gwyn nor Mem had a chance to say anything more. The beast's red eyes suddenly glazed over with a misty purple-blue and charged from the hole at Gwyn. Its beast opened its mouth and slid on the ground; Gwyn didn't bother moving as he entered the beast's mouth. He couldn't have moved even if he wanted to; the beast had suddenly increased in speed. However, Gwyn was the only one who noticed.

The beast stood up and swallowed. It shook its head and began to look around the arena. It examined the crowd with red pupils. They all became uneasy in their seats as the beast attempted to reach over the arena wall. An invisible barrier kept the crowd just out of reach, and they all collectively sighed in relief.

The beast made a hissing sound as it turned away from the crowd and began to walk around the arena. It briefly looked into the dark hole that Gwyn had opened but had no desire to go down in it.

Donn sighed and shook his head.

"Well, father, you got what you wanted, but how do you plan to contain the beast?"

"It's nothing you can't handle, son!" King Whitlock happily chirped.

"Somehow, I expected you to say that...." Donn stepped out from the broken window. He landed directly in the arena as the invisible barrier opened just enough for him to pass through.

The beast took notice immediately and turned to the prince. Donn balled the fist connected to his Needaimus and punched it into his free flat palm.

The beast charged at Donn and swung its arm. Donn gracefully ducked under the arm and ran forward to the beast. He jumped high in the air and pulled back his fist, and punched the unkillable in the face. The beast reared back from the blow as the Aqueenian prince landed back on the ground.

The unkillable shook its head then glared back at Donn. He took a stance and readied for the creature to charge.

Instead, the beast began to make a sound that resembled gagging. Donn lowered his arms. The beast continued to gag and stammer around until it finally fell over with its mouth agape. Gwyn stumbled out with the sword that had been on his back in one hand and covered in blue liquid and goo.

He fell onto his back and stared at the sky. The sword fell to the side.

"Ugh, I think I got some of it in my mouth," he said after spitting, "At least it's dead now...."

Unfortunately, a little internal bleeding won't stop it. It's just napping. Mem explained.

"Don't tell me that." Gwyn groaned as he fell unconscious.