Chapter 4:

The Scythe Wielder

虐待された悪魔 Abused Devils [Dropped]

Ace climbs a tree to try to get a vantage point so he can see where they went. 

he looks around but cant find anything that could help him until another explosion happens he decides to head over to it.  

once ace gets there, there are 2 people battling both wielding magic but one carrying a physical weapon i cant see what it is though. trying to get closer until an attack landed right next to him, Ace has to stay there or else he will be noticed. both men flying. "h-how are they doing that" the man wielding the weapon can be seen better now hes carrying a scythe. another attack comes towards Ace but he cant escape it but he tries to run but its no use he cant get out of the way of the attack closing his eyes thinking its the end for him. once he opens his eyes he is in the hands of the scythe wielding guy. the scythe wielding guy sets Ace down and tells him to stay there. the guy with the scythe jumps back into the battle trying to protect Ace but the other guy trying to attack Ace instead of the guy with the scythe. 

the man that has the scythe gets hit and gets thrown across the ground. he is not longer moving as Ace stares at the man now on the ground the other man generating an attack that will end up destroying both of them. as he expels the magic attack towards the both of them Ace not knowing what to do tries to block the massive attack with his bare hands, something starts to glow in front of Ace. glowing purple very brightly but its a dark purple how can it be this bright. something snapped inside Ace as he stares into this light Ace becomes unresponsive but something seeming different about him. he seems to be controlling the bright light that appeared in front of him he brings one of his hands up and the purple light gets dimmer it now looks like circle with writing that circles it and the center containing a symbol that is unknown. 

the purple light comes in contact with the attack from the other man and a wide array of lights shoot out everywhere Ace jumping towards the center of the purple light flying through it and through the other guys attack he flies toward the other guy proceeding to punch him in the face which sends the other guy to the ground. from this angle Ace unresponsive sees that he is wearing a mask one of the same ones from the place he was kidnapped to Ace gets ecstatic. angered by the sight by this mask he continues to fly towards the masked man slowly the masked man standing now tries to punch Ace but gets blocked and Ace uses another circle to hit the masked man which sends him back a bit the masked man summons a weapon. a sword but not really it looks like the magic he used earlier. Ace unaffected by this still using the circles hes been using against him the whole time to stop the weapon from hitting him. 

the masked man relentlessly attacking but unable to land a single strike, Ace then summons a weapon but it is only a dagger. its a dark dagger looking quite weird for a dagger it has a space between the first blade and the back being held together by a few pieces of metal the same color as well. 

Ace wielding this dagger now using it to block the magic sword with little effort. Ace using the circles to shoot lightning. now the masked man now attacking faster than before trying his best to try and take Ace out. Ace then proceeds to start to attack the masked man no longer just blocking his attacks... Ace puts one hand above his head and the other one blocking attacks as Ace creates a huge circle then proceeds to close his hands sending the masked man to the ground like a fly swatted out of the air Ace rushes to attack the man sending the man flying into the forest Ace slashing the air but cutting down the trees in the forest until Ace slowly passes out.

i take him with me though my portal to bring him to a safe place.

authors note: how did you like that chapter now learning how powerful Ace is. also what do u think Ace is and what will happen to him. again if these chapters continue to be liked by all of you ill keep making more chapters. anyways have a nice day/night/morning etc... and hope to talk to all of you nice people.